2018's E3 Thread


I’ll tell you what happened, they took their filthy paws and put it in my Monster Hunter.


I’m sort of disappointed to see those objective prompts up in the corner and so many interactive pop-ups…

Let us just have the sparkly items, we know what button to press to pick them up, and there are other ways of telling the player to go a certain way instead of just outright telling them in an objective pop-up. It takes away the organic feel of the game tbh.



What’s all this I hear about people not being happy with the way their faces look?


Hey it’s not so bad. Behemoth actually pretty much just confirmed Zinogre because they look like they’re sharing skeletons! Also the more monsters the better this game is lacking in them.


Whose faces?

I’m sort of puzzled as to why they went with that face model, but looking at how Chris in RE7 doesn’t even resemble the original Chris, it seems like it’s a completely new and renovated team. I feel they could’ve used someone that looked more like RE4 Leon, or maybe just edited the face model to resemble him more closely.

I don’t really care though, as long as the game is well made and fits the lore and somehow makes the over the shoulder camera work. I wouldn’t be mad if they took some elements from Revelations 2 or Leon’s campaign in RE6 —which is pretty much the only one campaign I actually enjoyed— like slightly faster zombies with erratic movements that stumble around and like to lazily punch people to throw them off balance.

I also really like the REngine, and the general mood of the police station with that shitty inconvenient lighting (not a bad thing) is spot on, so I’m really looking forward to this, and it also means we’re getting closer to a RE3 remake, which is the only thing I care about.


The main characters, sorry.


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Well, at least this time around they got someone with some skill to show bits of gameplay, unlike when DMC4SE was being marketed.

Can’t wait for Gamescom to see more combat.


That was likely to show the fans that DmC pushed away that this game is far truer to the high gameplay standards the series has become known for than DmC was.


The Games im most hyped about and im 100% going to buy are :

  • The Last of Us Part 2
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 ( already preordered )
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate ( I hope i will get a Switch for Christmas just becaufe of this Game and the future Pokemon Games )
  • Evolve 2 ( bad joke… but a Girl can Dream :stuck_out_tongue: )

Games i will maybe buy :

  • Pokemon Lets Go Evee
  • Mario Party
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Death Stranding
  • Jump Force

and yeah For me Kingdom Hearts 3 will already be my Game for the Game of the Year 2019. For GotY 2018 for me it is already the new God of War this Game is way to good and already has the most epic Final Boss fight ever in a Videogame i hope it will win :slight_smile: Cant wait for the next God of War that maybe will be revealed at E3 2019 / 2020 The Devs already has confirmed the next Game didnt will take to long :stuck_out_tongue:


Walugi has been confirmed as a DLC character in new smash


Really? He’s still an Assist Trophy, so that would be different.


I was gonna type in “Waluigi in smash” and I just




That was just mean… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah so, he has not been announced as a new character. Still just an Assist Trophy. At least according to multiple gaming news articles from today and yesterday.


what a waste of a character as an assist trophie… blech… Waluigi became my fav of the two. (even i did the 3d maps for the strategy guide of wario world) Waluigi became my fav when i played him in Mario tennis


I welcome ANY new characters to Smash. The more the merrier. But I guess they just haven’t thought of a proper moveset for him.


Give him his tennis smash… at least…