2018's E3 Thread



Pokemon Trainer is back and Ridley is finally in smash O.O damn this is a dream i will get a Switch to 100% to Christmas :slight_smile:


every single fighter ever made for smash is back with a total so far of 65 i believe not counting Echos.

Still curious if we are going to get another Metroid Prime 4 teaser this year…


I dislike a lot of the special equipment in Halo 4. And also the fact that Plasma Pistol + precision gun (carbine is always my pick) cheese is not a thing there.

A lot of it feels more like a generic modern sci-fi shooter. Big shield, faster run, wallhax. CoD had all that as gear, perks, or weapons augments like the year before that.

As for art direction, it’s hard to disagree there. It’s obviously one of the most visually impressive because it’s a huge alien planet with modern tech. Of course it looks great. But I did dislike a bunch of the enemy designs. Very strange looking. And they made the Covenant look worse, which I dislike.

4 also excluded the Flood. One of the most iconic Halo factions. Real disappointed in that.


4 is my favourite story, closely followed by Reach. 3 is my least favorite, because I hate the Flood.


yeah this amazing Pichu was my fav. in Melee but i think my Main will be the Pokemon-Trainer because i love Ivysaur and Charizard was my Main whit Duck Hunt Duo in Smash 4 :slight_smile: i just hope that Ridley and the Inklings arent the only new Characters i would love to see 1 new Pokemon from Sun & Moon

And yeah Waluigi again gets no love :frowning:


Smh I am disappointed in you.

You bring shame upon your family.


For me, expecting the flood in every game kinda took away from them as a threat.

H3 flood are my favorite.


I mean, I don’t want it in every game. ODST and Reach were really nice breaks from the traditional story. But the Flood should have been on a forerunner planet, being that they had captured and were researching them. Kind of the reason most of em are dead.

H3 Flood were real good. But the big Flood Hunters got super frustrating on Legendary difficulty. More than necessary IMO.


Cortana on Solo Legendary was one of my favorite memories in H3. <3


The new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 story DLC is looking amazing super happy they decided to dig deep into the past instead of going into the future. Also still hoping a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character will get into smash!


Nintendo Switch received a good few free to play games today.
Fortnite (cross platform, controls well and I placed 16th on my 1st run)
Paladins (cross platform, runs and looks good, 1st match ended 32/2/24 lol)
Fallout something (haven’t tried yet about to explore it)


Fallout Shelter?


Am I crazy for really, REALLY wanting that vault tech helmet?



Seems like a good year for Sequels is upon us; Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 76, TLoU 2, Smash Ultimate, KH3… shit, Forsaken is (supposedly) revamping Destiny 2 so much you may as well call it a sequel.


Seems like there was no new info on Bayo 3. Nintendo, I am disappoint.


Don’t forget about them announcing the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 prequel which will actually be its own game as well! Then again I don’t think anyone here cares about Xenoblade Chronicles 2…


Yeah that, im just about to check it out. (keep getting distracted by fortnite and paladins.)

WHAT EVER happened to Final Fantasy?


REmake 2 gameplay. I’m actually quite impressed with it so far.