2018's E3 Thread


Damn, KH3 looks awesome.


Omg i was crying when i saw that KH3 Trailer damn it loos so awesome O.O finally all 4 Titans from Hercules and Jack Sparrow looks so extreme realistic the long wait was worth it


Death Stranding is looking awesome.
Nioh 2 was also kind if surprising.


sadly no Playstation Allstars Battle Royal the leak was sadly fake :frowning: but yeah im hyped about The Last of Us 2 and Kingdom Hears 3 :slight_smile:


Welp, at this point about the only thing I’m actually looking forward to now is potential new info on Bayo 3. Come on Ninty, don’t disappoint me!


Why is nobody hyped about the RE2 remake? And The Last of Us 2?

What’s going on here?

I don’t even own a PS4 but daaamn I wish I did


The Last of Us was a very highly acclaimed game, and for a good reason. It actually kind of lives up to the hype. If the second one is as good as the first, it’s definitely worth playing.


Not a fan of horror games and not a fan of exclusives shrugs


I hate horror games and exclusives annoy me.

Last of Us isn’t really a horror game at all. There’s some creepy stuff and maybe like 3 jump scares, but nothing actually spoopy. As far as exclusives go, meh. I just happen to have a PS4 and I’ve been playin Halo my whole life. No reason for me to get picky about it now.

Also, pretty sure there’s a metric fuckton of PC exclusives that we don’t hear people complaining about much.


I know TLoU2 isn’t horror but it is an exclusive and RE2 is horror but isn’t exclusive

Eh PC exclusives tend to be exclusive for a reason other than MS/Sony throwing money at a dev





If ya’ll are talking about Halo, I can never say I was a big fan. Never played the story, loved playing MP with friends of course. I never disliked the series, but I never really liked it either. Racing elephants in halo 3 was more my thing. I did, however, sit and watch my friend(a lifetime halo fan) play Halo 4 from start to finish, and it looked like butt.

Just lame, and what was that turd’s name? Didact or dyack or something. What a nerd.


Dennis Dyack?


Didact was lame, I liked a lot of Halo 4 but the story went with the Fred Bear story and I HATED that book.

That book kinda killed my love for Halo lore-wise. My ineptitude at MP killed the rest. :slight_smile:


I have a friend who’s obsessed with the books. He’s also not great at MP, but loves the universe. I actually think I was kind of that way with Evolve. I was only ever decent at best(despite loving it), but everything surrounding the game is what kept me coming back.


Same here, I was terrible and the game stresses me out. But the world made it worth it.


Yup, like I said. Halo 4 is the worst Halo.

Suck it @TheMountainThatRoars


Tartarus is a walking trope.

Your move!


Most every “villain” in video games is a walking trope. At least he has the decency of being an older one. And having one of the most kickass weapons in the series. Badass enough to the point that players cried to have it in the next game.

He inspired several gamemodes for later games, as well. Didact is just an edgy kid who hates his space mom and space dad for putting him in time out.


Haha I am not arguing against the Didact being lame :slight_smile:
He is 100% a poor villain.

I prefer H4 for overall mechanics, style/art direction, and music.