2018's E3 Thread


I am still suffering from my head injury and I have moments of clarity then everything is a cloud again…
Could someone please keep the more interesting tidbits linked for me please, I am having problems following the information. any help would be much appreciated.


next February, friendly bet.


Forsaken story/weapon slot/gambit reveal are officially tomorrow.


Soy boy with a guitar? E3 is suppose to be about games


Well, that gameplay segment for TLoU2 impressed me.


I was expecting them to announce a new console


Ellie seems like a total badass as well


I still actually need to play the first game.




Poor Cayde


Don’t know why you would think that. No hints or rumors have been circulating about it at all. (Not trying to attack or anything)



So hyped for Last of us 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 so far damn that looks amazing :slight_smile: im really wonderwing what the Story in TLoU2 will be after the end of the first Game


Yakuza 0 is releasing on Steam


Hm, not sure what to make of the gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima.


I feel the same way, it shoulda been more on what happens after he because the Ninja


Was gonna say Quantum Break 2 but why not be the same since it’s made by Remedy Games eh?


Resi 2 Remake, guys!


I’m freaking out

I need a paper bag or something



I saw Beth’s face and the entire art style looked really similar and I instantly thought “Quantum Break”… But then the whole telekinesis thing didn’t quite fit QB’s theme.