2016 Evolve Streamers thread


This thread is to highlight those members of the community that do their streaming with Evolve from time to time (or regularly!) Check the post below for the list of people that have streams.

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Do not abuse it, if you have a stream then please feel free to add it to the list. If you are about to stream feel free to add a note after your stream link to say you’re online, as well as reply to the topic to say so to bump the thread so people can see it. This will help people be able to browse by this post and see if anything is happening!

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The twitchers of evolve
How often do you watch Evolve Streams

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#Developer Streams

Developers may stream regularly or irregularly from time to time, depending on how busy they are!

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#Community Streamers

The following streamers are part of the Evolve community, roughly arranged by how regular they play online for people to watch!


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This post is now a wiki, you should be able to edit it to add your stream and update whether you are currently streaming or not!


Not trying to be rude but, why not use Twitch?


Wait, what?
Pygmy.shrew is his username, not an alternative streaming domain, if that’s what you meant.


I stream Evolve every night some time between 3-9 Cst.

Twitch: demonhunter1245

I vary between Monster and hunter, depends if my buddies are on.


Oh yeah, was indeed confused.


Had some mic issues, should be back

Edit: And having other issues why do I get this only when I start streaming :’(


I was having a blast on the Space stream last night XD

I was like, “Where is the damage?”

Space said, "You know what, screw Mesingo, get in here Demonhunter! I know how good of a Torvald you are!"
Sadly my PSN was down and couldnt log in ;-;


Mesingo can be great, can be. I wasn’t there because I’d take the game a little to seriously and I’m currently on leave.


Well, I was of course kidding. But he never got through to health lol

All they did was play Torvald last night and they were asking me questions and asking for tips. It was fantastic :heart:


Thanks for hanging out while you could @Buckets_Sentry_Gun :smiley:


Thanks for those that dropped by, helped make it a bit more entertaining to play!


Nice beard tho :wink:


It’s alright, very much in between beard lengths…!

Playing in gloves made it a little more “interesting” too.


Aww I missed it, i’ll look out for the next time you stream . Hopefully i’ll be there.


I missed it :frowning: but I followed so I’ll know next time :slight_smile:


Lol, my channel is about as small-time as it gets, but I’ll leave this here:

-> http://www.twitch.tv/del009

I try to stream as much as possible on weekends :smiley_cat:


I’ve made the second post a wiki, so now hopefully as a community we can manage this list of our streamers much better.

Don’t abuse it, or I will have to take it away! :slightly_smiling:


I think my favorite is Puggims.
Very good trapper (even when totally wasted I’m sure he traps better than me), beard fits right into Evolve and he is a very funny guy. :slight_smile:

ryke676 is also a good and very frequent streamer. Has a nice, calm voice. He is on the JSMS competitive team.

SuperBadJuju, the shout caster, does stream as well.


@Seedsy http://www.twitch.tv/aseeds
@SuperBadJuJu http://www.twitch.tv/superbadjuju
@HoonBalloon daily http://www.twitch.tv/hoonballoon
me daily http://www.twitch.tv/wdyftw
ryke daily http://www.twitch.tv/ryke676