2015 Will ruining my whole life big time


I assume not gettimg any real life exp for at least a month from 10th february, playing evolve in every freetime.
maybe im getting clean when times move on.
but then again the nerd strikes again, Occulus Rift should be comming out in 2015.

just imagine evolve+vr !


Ohmygawd Evolve + Oculus Rift. I’m drooling just imagining it.


Virtual reality Evolve? I’d probably be running into walls every which way in terror of Goliath’s fire breath. That, or sh*ting my pants.


Haha, I NEED to finish a couple of games before Tuesday or I’m never going to, lol.


Evolve + oculus rift + virtuix omni

the best way to stay in shape

all for the ladys of course


Yeah. Gonna be divorced and paying child support on three kids here. Might as well kiss my dogs goodbye, too. FML, and FTRS!


Sucks my two year old actually liked watching the game she stood on the edge of her crib and just stared and coo’d for 2 hours then fell asleep. Gf didn’t care she plugged her Wii u up and played off screen .


if oculus is indeed dropping does that mean sony’s project morpheus should be forced to come out soon too * v *

I would lose it if evolve worked it in.