2000 games won


It’s lonely at the top

come at me haters


Sorry, I’m a lover hugs


I think that a hug with a sentry gun might leave him a bit… well dead.


Eh, just means you need to stop trolling in pubs and play some real teams :wink:


I play for fun though

not for money



10 chars


lol, when then I tip my hat to you sir! :laughing:


78 deaths? I call BS




not me, someone using my name
nice try though hater


hey, lets keep it civil, shouldnt be calling people out in the forums… though I do understand why this thread yanks peoples chains!


i’m just happy that i hit 2000 wins and i wanted to let the world know


again, that was probably someone using my name to try to get people to hate me
thank god smart people don’t fall for it

stupid people, well…they fall for it


Yeah, I get that! I am right on the edge of 500 hours and I am for sure gonna let the world know when I hit that! I don’t blame you, just saying you can expect some heat for it!


It’s okay, as long as they stick to the Turtle Rock community guidelines :smile:
Good luck on hitting it man, you’re close!


Thanks! Good luck on the rage spawning thread thing :stuck_out_tongue: hope it doesn’t get too nasty in here!


You don’t hit 2000 wins without making a few enemies :wink:


It’ll be interesting to face Reaper of your fun, looks like the most brutal Goliath there.

Edit: Oh this is all rankings… I wonder what he plays?!


Wait! Do I see deaths on there? Wow! 78 deaths. Are those hunter deaths only? Or have you lost a monster match?


Well yeah, if you quit all the time you’ll be alone in a lobby, so it’s lonely. Duh.