20 minutes into Evolve and chill


#20 minutes into Evolve and chill and Daisy gives you that look.

She really loves using that flamethrower.

#and then you’re just sitting there like "say what?"

When you can’t even.


ROTFL. 10 char


That reaver is me like, 90% of the time. Laying sprawled against a wall, not moving.


Daisy really suits her flamethrower. IMO her default skin looks better with it than Elite.



That reaver is hilarious. Looks like he had a good night out. :smile:


reaver was amazing!!!


I’ve killed revers and blitzleopards that look like that, lol. Hilarious!


“The fuck you looking at lad?”

“Ur next”


“U wot, m8!? Come say that to me face and I’ll deck you one! Swear on me mum’s life!”


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