20 min long game - Wraith did NOT attack, but just played hide and seek with sneak


I just had this very deplorable match whereby a Wraith player did NOT attack in the slightest, and all he did from the start was to troll everyone by using warp blast + decoy + traversal to run away, and then for about 10 times, he just found a bush or elevated cliff to sneak hide.

We had a Meggie, but because of the small size of the Wraith, we could not find him because he kept finding a good corner to hide.

And he did this without attacking anyone for the 20 mins, and simply avoided all the hunters.

In the end, we simply waited for the 20 mins to pass to win the game, and the Wraith was still at STAGE ONE with 1 bar HP left.

Has anyone encountered this before? >_>



Well. When the game is getting boring you have to invent your own mini games. I like it



this… seems like wasting a lot of time… kinda of a douche move if you ask me…



Well I had that several times, but always had the bad luck the wrath being good enough to get S2/3 anyway. First encounter: One and a half minute before Hunters would win by time…



omg that thread again… when u had maggie and couldn’t find the wraith you had a serious problem with your trapper… with maggie you can find wraith pretty easy, but oc he can still escape out of domes with warp. but you should blame your trapper too…



The wraith players seem to be evolving to douchier levels.
All wraiths I have met atleast tried to fight if they got cornered too badly during their 100% evasion maneuvers.

Be prepared for donuts who cant read anything past the Wraith in the title.



yeah “blame” the trapper ! what a selfish bast*** he is ! that’ll teach him and put everyone in a good mood !
that’s the spirit of a healthy community !

Ok serious now : unfortunately there is that kind of players out there and Wraith is designed to be that sneaky and slippery. Well right now anyway, the next patch should help. Reducing traversal + increasing decoy cooldown are 2 great ideas to make playing against a Wraith a bit more interesting.
Sadly for now we just have to put up with it. But as someone else said, try to make the best of it, create your own mini games, level up your masteries, i dont know just talk to your teammates :smiley: Or just try to catch it, it’s not easy and might be dull but it’s not impossible :smile:



Could this be some kind of XP-grinding hacker bot?



I have had this too. A Wraith spammed decoy and evaded ALL game. So when the timer got to two minutes, the Wraith evolved to stage two and we just ran away to wait for the timer. She hit someone when there was 2 seconds left on the clock. But I was Cabot so I cloaked and ran away and waited for the timer to run out.

I got 16 dust tags that game.



I’m sorry but this is up to the hunters…
He didn’t break the rules of the hunt right?
He won despite he got no down on you before stage 3?
You didn’t find him with Maggie/Daisy?
Boring game maybe but not for him!



And that’s the average player with the wraith. This is why I don’t face them, since they just troll until stage 3. 10-15 minutes just running around the map.



Had a game similar like this once. The wraith just went into a bush somewhere and NEVER moved from that spot. I was Griffin, so I had no means to locate him. We all tought he fell true the map or was bugged. After the game i asked, and he replied cheerfully: I was just trolling you guys :’)

urg… These kind of players are just… urg =)



Would this wraith by any chance be me?

I did it once because the hunters wouldn’t let me eat because of their CCMM comp, so I’m just like fck it. I’m playing hide and seek.



I laughed at that response. I would’ve been pissed to see a guy just trolling me while I’m trying my best to find him and just play a fair match.

There’s 2 things I hate: a troll and a wraith who flees until stage 3.



It’s the same story with hunters spam really… Cabot railgun non stop and Maggie’s harpoons give the boring games for monsters… and not for hunters… Like Markov spamming mines…
And guess who is getting nerfed big time? Wraith Cabot Maggie and Markov…
It’s just pure hypocrisy when Cabot/Maggie/Markov players complain about Wraith ones :-/



I actually tried this strategy for fun after that match.

There is a map with a very tall tower. All I did was to hide up there, and at the end of 20 mins, no one found me lol.



You had Maggie, who has Daisy, but couldn’t find a sneaky Monster?

That ain’t on the Monster player, guy.

PRO TIP: Maggie players should allow Daisy to get in front of them (this resets Daisy’s tracking ability). When Maggie runs, Daisy follows Maggie. When Maggie follows Daisy, Daisy leads Maggie right to the Monster – mind your jetpack fuel. When Maggie is standing still, Daisy will move about 20 meters away and howl and point in the direction of the Monster.

Also, Hunters should play each Monster in Solo for at least an hour to learn how each of them impact the environment and the sounds they make.

You’re welcome,

  • Monster Player




Thats the duration of the round, at least you guys won, unless the Wraith was lvling his master skills (or just trolling cuz he was bored), he really doesnt get nothing from this, playing a match not seeking victory its dumbness

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If you are forced to play monster for tenth time in row, because of fail-matchmaking, why not make 4 other people miserable as well.