#20 Globally, #9 in Region, Ask Me


Nothing. Don’t ask jack anything. These secrets are mine, ALL MINE. You’ll never know how to obtain this mediocre standing! NEVER! Get away from me!

Satire to other retarded posts


Then what should I do in this thread? D:


Gaze in awe if you must. But post it in a tastefully emotive way.


How’s your Behemoth game? If you’re any good, I’m curious as to what your strats are.


You’re doing it wrong.


Every single time, Lava Bomb stage one with either damage perk (pre nerf) or damage resistance. Learn to aim it, learn how to lead the hunters to where you want to fight and focus them down.

Stage two, 3 in fissure or 3 in tongue grab depending on play style, they both combo well depending on play style.

Stage 3, take whatever you didn’t take in stage two.

Never take rock wall. Ever.


Or AM I…


I was addressing him. He asked a question! He’s meant to just stare in awe.


Why’s that? I’ve been taking 1 in Fissure and 2 in Wall lately. It’s been working pretty fine.


Quiet now, Rennypie.


'Cause it’s buggier than the Beatles, right? I thought that was why.


I am not a pastry.


you’re a dessert bread :blush:


Omfg. That term you call Shin in our mega-threads. It so applies. You totally are a pastry.


dessert bread


sugar cake?


Absolutely not.


diabetes pie?





She calls Shin a pastr- never mind. Peace.