2 Weeks In


Hit Level 40 last night, have Elite Wraith skin.

Now the fun can really begin.

Thank you Turtle Rock for making the most fun, exhilarating multiplayer experience I have ever had the pleasure of playing. I’m not going anywhere. Too much fun.


yeah waraith player… atleast you had fun…


73% towards Goliath Elite, that is the next goal.


Fire breath is the sucky one for Goliath atm until they fix mastery progression. :stuck_out_tongue:


You know that nothing really changes after you hit level 40. Not sure what you mean about the fun really beginning.


It’s an old colloquialism from MMOs, where people don’t think the game actually starts until you hit max level.


The war for Shear has just only begun.

Also, you got disappointment for an elite skin. Be proud of that! :smile:


I personally love Wraith’s Elite skin :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean that now I am more likely to be matched up with Level 40’s, who also have their own Elite skins they are going to want to show off and dominate with. I like the idea of the challenge.


Don’t you dare ruin it, everyone’s disappointed!


Oh too right. Yes, most unpleasantness is afoot.


Try to have a match using Abe, Cabot, and Val against wraith, makes her running away tactic a lot harder and in turn more fun for you :smiley:


I can handle the hate. Can’t be worse than my inbox has seen on PSN over the last few nights.

I love the skin. I know it ruins my camouflage on most levels but it’s so pretty I can’t take it off.


If she is at all decent, she will feed on the run and hide in Domes - not a win.


Couldn’t Cabot’s radiation dust reveal her location though? (If landed in the right location)


Still hard to catch the monster in most dome locations when revealed by Cabot.


Doesn’t matter much with her mobility, she can keep repositioning as Hunters catch up to her.

Also doesn’t reveal her while she is invisible.


Interesting! How do you recommend fighting her from your experience?


In all honestly, hope she gets overconfident and exposes herself needlessly.

Markov can be a good pick for this, since poor Wraiths will not properly use one of her three mine clearing abilities and will blindly run into mines.

If the Wraith is actually good though and not playing with a hand behind its back, the Hunters are kind of doomed.


wraith is freelot if u got a competent team