2 Truths & a Lie


Hmm,i don’t want to sound like a jerk,but i still find that story quite hard to believe,because artist are the least favorite in youtube crowd.Was it back in the 2000s or something ?
Also since i curious,what did you draw ?.Furry comic ?


I didnt draw.
it was one of those cringe channels that put free royalty music over other people’s comics and feed off of the community


I know 2 is a fact because if SSR, sooooo 3?


A WINNER IS YOU. ☆Allows you to bully me once☆ ouo


But… what if I don’t want to bully you… :upside_down_face:


Nope and nope. The correct answer is #1. And it’s only kinda wrong. I have ADD not ADHD.


Not totally true. I’ve never dislocated my elbow since but when I was a little kid I’d dislocate my elbows on the regular like 2-3 times a week according to my parents.


That’s not a true dislocation though. My little brother did that too. It’s a similar kinda thing, and it hurts a lot. But it’s not the dislocation described earlier in the thread.


Wut? My elbows came out of their socket I was young and it’s fairly common but it’s still a dislocation.


Well, I guess true isn’t really the right adjective. What I meant is that when you dislocate you shoulder or elbow as an adult or even teenager, it does a lot more lasting damage than when you’re a little kid.


Well yeah but he was saying even as a kid you’d have issues for life because of it.


Well just depends what you mean by kid. The constant and harmless dislocation is usually something that only is a problem for toddlers. After that your body isn’t nearly as…I guess elastic is the right word? :stuck_out_tongue:


I had it up till I was 5ish


geez. That’s actually a lot longer than normal. My brother got his fixed when he was like 3. We took him to the doctor and the guy just does some kinda judo move on my bros arm and it was fixed.


My elbows just stopped dislocating shrug whoops there it goes again


Going with this.


The answer was 3


While not totally on track, because I played with Lego a lot when I was young, I mean a LOT, I have 0 flexibility in my lower body. I’m sure some years of Yoga might be able to straighten me out but sometimes those things can have consequences on your growth and development.

But I get the gist of your point.


Lol I read that as “I didn’t vote for Trump” and shrugged it off. Oops. :upside_down_face:

  1. I waited until my tonsils were septic before I started complaining to my parents that my throat was sore

  2. I have almost had my earlobe sawed off

  3. I have had multiple broken bones