2 Truths & a Lie


@Hal0 I’m going with 2

3 seems oddly specific and vague.
1 is right in the age where is plausible.

Could be wrong, but that’s what I’m guessing!


You’ve never shot anyone.

  1. I almost died in a car crash
  2. I knocked out my grandfather with a log
  3. I voted for Trump


I have only been to 1 country, USA >_>


This,i guess


Nope. I did not Vote for Trump


best one, obviously /s


1: I have ADHD, OCD, and mild tourettes

2: I fence. (With swords)

3: I compose for and play piano.

  1. I used to have over 5k subs on youtube.

  2. i used to have under 10 people in my secondary school.

  3. I used to have 4 pets at once.


You dont play piano.


You win. Good guesses


Don’t believe ya,i’m you are that good it should have leak all over the forum


So #1 is false?
If that was your anwser then wrong.

I did have 5 k subs on a fanfiction comic acc.
that i have deleted becouse fanfiction comic


So you have a fanfiction COMIC on youtube tat get 5k sub ?


Yup, i did.
Its gone now and none of it will see the light of day


Um… uh… 3???

ELDER ABUSE!!! (If it happened, I’m sure it was an accident) I’m picking 1.

2… idk why, but I pick 2.


Oh… O.O nvm… 3 then???


you got it

  1. I can play the piano ovo
  2. I hate ramen noodles with a passion and don’t let my family eat them. ouo
  3. I’ve never been to Japan. :<


I bet ya love ramen


Don’t disrespect, Ramen is actually quite tasty.