2 Truths & a Lie


Lol nope, and it’s all good. Past is passed.

Number 3 is the lie.


Well, technically you didn’t see him die. You saw him fly out, and he died later.

  1. I’m at the bottom of my class for 3 year straight in high school
  2. I have eat a lot of insect,including cock-roach,they are tasty
  3. I’m the number 2 humor guy back when i was in high school


Unfortunately 3 was the lie :frowning: but truth behind is very close, it just didn’t happen to me!
It’s about someone I knew in high school, and they totally got be an extra and meet vin diesel!


I’m gonna say this is the lie.

  1. I breached in the headmistress’s office with friends disguised as gangsters.
  2. I exploded a firework in teacher’s room with friends.
  3. I broke every single rule in school.


In order for 1 or 2 to be fake 3 would probably be fake as well so imma just choose 3.


Well… that story is quite the rollercoaster… not the one that dude died on… I’ll just show myself out… *shows self out*

Oh… ;-;

2 is gross :mask:, but I’m going with 1.

You were a lil shit weren’t ya? Lol
I pick 3 because that seems impossible especially with the other two making that one impossible.


1 is not the correct answer


I guess? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well, that’s correct.


Let’s do this again.

1 I had to squeeze out and wipe up excess fluid from my dogs wound when I was 10.

2 I went to the vet with my dog and watched the surgeon remove the stitches from my dogs side when she ripped it open when I was 10.

3 I helped my dad lift my blood-covered dog onto the kitchen table and had to help keep her still so my dad could examine her paw which she very badly cut out on a walk when I was 10.


why was your dog trying to get hurt in the most gruesome ways possible when you were 10


My dog is a little bit dopey and she was a very curious puppy. That’s all I’ll say. Wouldn’t want to risk giving you a clue now, would I?


imma go with 2 but i honestly don’t want to believe any of them are true


Unfortunately, all of those things happened to my dog, but 3 is the lie. I was 11 when she sustained that injury and I didn’t help in anyway. My dad did it himself. Her paw was cut so badly that now, 5 years later there’s still a tremble in it.

1 and 2 are part of the same story. My dog cut her side when trying to get get under a fence, and the stitches had to be removed because alot of fluid was being produced, so instead of constantly taking her to the vet for them to drain it every day, they removed the stitches and let it drain itself and showed us how to clean it. And one day I was being babysat by my Aunt because my parents were out. My Aunt and brother refused to do it. I was the only other person around and I’m not squeamish so… Yeah.


This,a kid should not being doing this


1??? Poor doggo… wasn’t blessed with intelligence, huh? ;-;


@LorenTheGinger @LemonTree [quote=“SedoUmbra, post:135, topic:109532”]
but 3 is the lie.

No, she really wasn’t. She gets completely fooled by pretending to throw the ball at 8 years old. Her sister at 3 just sits as if you say “Oi, pillock, just throw the damn ball.”

Well, I did. It wasn’t very pleasant since I was so young (even though I’d have no problem with it now) but… I mean, that’s my dog. Gotta look after her. :heart:



The lie is 3.


He died when he hit the ground. I consider him falling out as dying, but I guess that might just be me.

Reflecting back, it turns out I’ve experienced a lot of shit. damn.


This seems fun and depressing at the same time, so how about i try.

1: I had sex before age 13.
2: I shot a man with my Dads gun.
3: I have a short book written to me by a dead famous person.

Would love to see if any can guess this.