2 Truths & a Lie


Wait, does that mean to purposefully stabbed your friend at a BBQ??? :thinking: lol


How about some travel related answers?

  1. I took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon with a couple that spoke exclusively German.
  2. I have visited Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic.
  3. I made $500 gambling in Las Vegas.

Apparently I can’t space these out, or else it ignores my numbers and puts new ones…


How is that karma?


LOL, the last one I just made up, but it sounds like something that CAN happen. Like you take meat from the grill and as you turn around your friend was right there, for example.

I have crazy imagination.


Seems a bit much for trespassing at a library…


1 and 3 are both fishy… imma choose 3 tho…

I do too lol
I’m writing 3 books simultaneously (which probably just makes me crazy…) and I’m also a lucid dreamer, so that make creativity so much more fun. lol


Shaners the real rebel.

So far, I’ve done some very ileg shit, like almost starting a fire in my neighborhood, or almost blowing up a truck with fireworks. Lets just say I didn’t have the best influences in the 4th grade…

Which leads me to these truths and a lie:

  1. I witnessed my neighbor get shot
  2. I almost died on a trampoline
  3. I stole condoms during a Drivers Ed class break from a nearby Safeway


  1. I saw a guy die on a rollercoaster
  2. I’ve been hit by a car
  3. I totaled a car in front of a hospital, ironically.


Well, you got banned for being loud. Then you go back despite still being banned, then you got arrested by the same cop that banned you in the first place


He probably heard her… lolz


I think that’s more irony or coincidental.


Meh /10karmas


You’re right. Nothing from a movie or game has ever made me cry. LoMN comes close, though. The fucking soundtrack…EUGH

Friend: "So you know the Afro-centrism theory"
Me: "That’s the one where the Earth revolves around Africa, right?"
Laughter: ensues


You guessed correctly. My dad actually would be the one who has left Vegas with more than he went with. I have never been.


When I said “wtf how” I meant how could the Earth revolve around Africa, a continent on Earth. lol I have this visual of Africa being like “Fuck you, Earth!” and detaching so the Earth started circling it being like “Where you gonna go know, huh?” xD


You didn’t witness your neighbor get shot and you didn’t see someone die on a rollercoaster.

Me next.

  1. My sister killed herself.
  2. I just bought a 2017 Hellcat.
  3. I own a dog.


How… how do you almost die on a tram- you know what… 2. 2 I the lie…

Dear lord… 1?

Oh, um, imma choose 1 and if it’s not 1, I’m so sorry. ;-;


I didn’t directly see him shoot himself by accident. He was a part of some Olympic training about sharpshooting, and he didn’t properly handle his gun, but he survived.

Then you’re wrong on the next one. I did see someone die on a Rollercoaster. Look up The Ride of Steel accident and it was an army vet who lost both legs and flew out. I was on the train directly behind him, there are 2 trains on the track. It was bad.


No, I did almost die on a trampoline.

I had 2 friends that super bounced me off, and almost landed in a pile of rocks. Somehow I blacked out and woke up to be on the edge of the trampoline, hanging by my arm and my leg caught between 2 springs. They said I started doing fast barrel rolls in mid air then somehow saved myself.

Nope I did in fact see someone die on a rollercoaster. Read my previous reply.


Lie,you can’t cook


I cant sing for shit.