2 Truths & a Lie


I vote for 3, just because (hope I’m lucky)


Hahaha, I can only imagine how your neighbours would have reacted.

"Hey Kees. Er zit een slang in ons bed!

  • Een slang? Bedoel je mijn slang?
    Nee niet jouw slang, een echte slang in ons bed!
  • Ik geloof je niet! gaat kijken Godverdomme, er zit echt een slang in ons bed
    Maar dat probeer ik jou nu heel de tijd te vertellen!"

I’m crying right now :joy:


Nah, it went like this:

geschreeuw op straat, gevolgd door het buurmeisje dat binnen komt stormen (wij en onze buren kennen elkaar erg goed, dus dat was geen probleem), schreeuwende naar mij dat ik DIRECT mee moest komen.

Ren met haar mee naar haar huis, twee trappen omhoog naar haar kamer.

Ik zie de slang kruipen tussen haar lakens. Allebei lachend, ik pak hem op, bedank haar, ren terug naar huis en stop dat beest terug in z’n terrarium.

The neighbours knew about my pet, and knew it had excaped, and even more important, knew he wasn’t dangerous. So props for them for staying calm. If it happened with the neighbours from the other side (houses are connected), it would’ve gone a lot worse (we barely know each other).

Also, fun tidbit: my room and the room from the neighbours where the snake was found were adjacent (only separated by the ‘interhouse-wall’). So it must’ve snuck via some crevices to the other house. It’s also the place where the Boiler is (the attic), so I guess it must’ve found a warm spot or something. And seeing as to how sneks can survive for long times without food…



Damn dood!


We are all happy about that :joy:

Bad Shaners :frowning: you should always take opportunities not based on how you feel about yourself, it’s how the company feels about you

Where did you trespass into?


I was on Fox news a long time ago when they interviewed me while camping out for the re-release of the Original Star Wars Trilogy when I lived back east.

I was an extra in both Contact (Although I’m mixed in with thousands others in the crowd when in DC) and Clueless (I was in the Store with Nate {You see him with a pick in his hair as she is shopping at the mall (Another extra and friend of mine)

Although I worked on a script and did some preliminary filming our Star Wars fan film never really made it past some initial shots and screenplay writing.

New theme: Games!

  1. I helped Blizzard (Before they became super business happy) with the balance of the original Starcraft game way back in the day with a close friend of mine. We were actually one of the reasons why, at least on release, Zerg Ultralisks were terrible. During initial QA in the beta you could just tech up to Ultralisks and wipeout anyone before they could do anything about it.

  2. I used to create maps in the original Doom engine (Maps were called '‘wads’ back then) as well as Duke Nukem 3D. I even recreated my house in Duke Nukem 3D and would fight my friends and family as a shrunken player in our house.

  3. My first competitive venture with gaming was with Evolve back at release when our team won early Go Pro tournaments as well as the Pax East pro am circuit.


Tfw only two people do yours


I dance.

I sing.

I cook.


That looks awfully simular to my scalp.


It was completely my fault, I deserved it. I was handling a kitten and didn’t wash my hands before approaching the snake is his area.


Hmm, all three are good possibilities but if you have indeed been doing Q&A since the original starcraft, I would assume you participated in competitive as well.

So I say 3 is a lie.


I do miss that cozy neighbourhood atmosphere.

@BreezyStarfish17 Oh and the lie was 3 :wink:


Not even close lol


If 3 is the truth, I love The Pacifier and envy you so fucking much omg
I’m going with 2.

Um, 2…

Yay for being right. Ow for the back thing… O.O

Yay! No mugging for Shaners! (But bad Shaners for trespassing). Also, YOU COULD HAVE MET FELICIA DAY OMG WHY???

For 1, I need more details. Not because I don’t believe you, but because that is so funny lol.
I’m choosing 2 because wtf how? lol

Again… wtf how? xD

Well, color me impressed… *applauds*

I haven’t ever left America. To me, you’re fucking lucky! lol

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I don’t think you understand how my body works… I have slightly twisted hips (do to Scoliosis) and it’s just enough to make attempting the splits hurt and tear at my muscles/tendons. lol

Fun story: a family member of mine (before I was born) made and inappropriate joke in front of my Catholic grandmother and she threw something at him and he ducked and said another inappropriate thing and she then threw a fork at him and it stabbed his hand. Bonus: My other grandmother used to hit you with whatever was in her hand and when (again, before I was born) my uncle said something inappropriate my grandma had a cast iron skillet in her hand and he was knocked out af.

Also, It’s either 1 or 2, but for the sake of decisions I pick 2…

Uuuuuuh, 3???

I don’t think anyone had done mine… sooooo…


At the public library.

I had been banned for being too loud, and was caught outside of it on the property.
Same cop that banned me caught me.
They handcuffed me in front of all the other students in the center of the room and literally threw me in the car.
It was pretty crazy.


Don’t tell me you were going to do anything other than read… *strokes the precious books*


That’s some major karma


Nope, the lie is number 3 :slight_smile:


What??? Nooooooo!!!