2 Truths & a Lie


For 1, the correct answer was 2. I despise Caira. And yes, I own a Jeep Renegade, as well as a Hellcat.

For 2, the correct answer was 1. I main Doomfist. I have Evolve S2 on my PC, I just never play.

For 3, the correct answer was 2. Fuck a bitch named Nickelback. Also, my full name is Tate Allen James.


Wow I’m pretty stupid.

Why the fuck would you main doomfist.


Put that in spoiler text so people can’t read it. And because he’s fun as shit.


1.I am actually a super intelligent person but just act dumb.
2.I am actually dumb and act dumb anyway.
3.I love destiny 2 and I bought a controller that was themed after one of the factions in the game.


#2, I remember your cat
#1 aren’t you a sombra/symm player?,
#3 Because i honestly believe your middle name is Allen.


Kathryn Suggested “I was hired in the UK by a rare game publisher”

Maximumlimit15 " You would have talked about it before and I don’t think I have seen you talk about it."

The full answer… I had everything down to just getting a passport then all of the sudden they decided to start calling me at early like 4am 430AM. I missed the call… (previous contact all done through emails and letters)

Anyways, it’s the tragic loss of my career… I was all set to go towards rareware in the UK, I missed their unscheduled call and I never got to go 8(

I tried to do a little truth to the statement to throw you off… good job.
I do not talk about it because it is my great shame.

  1. is way the truth.
    . 1 and 2… You are a super intelligent dumb person; so happy not to be alone ^.^!


For question 1, you are correct! I hate Caira with a passion.

For question 2, you are also correct, but I actually main Doomfist.

For question 3, you are incorrect! I don’t even like Nickleback.


The one I got wrong, yeah it didn’t sound like you…



Oh, I’m 100% telling the truth. I’m much more of a rap kind of guy. :slight_smile:


wernt you into german bands or something? ramstein>


No, you must be thinking of someone else.


I like em!

  1. My new story features a character named PARCL as the main character

  2. I love playing zoo tycoon and I recently got zoo tycoon 2 to play it again

  3. My name is actually Max


When you definitely know the answer but you don’t wanna spoil it for anyone else…

It’s 3


guesses 1. Sounds like a real character, one that… well delivers.
guesses 2. Pretty sure you talked about Zoo tycoon or at least one tycoon
n. guesses 3. Loren the Ginger answered for me.


You weren’t supposed to look at it before you answered omg

Shall I another give it a go? since my last one was kinda depressing o.o

  1. I like brussel sprouts
  2. I like olives
  3. I like cauliflower


Loren you’re fired :stuck_out_tongue: now I gotta come up with a new one

  1. The lie is 2, right? Fairly certain I’ve seen a post or two stating the opposite. I would have said number 1 but I’ve met others with unusual cat names, so that’s not so much of a stretch.

  2. I know the second one is true. Is the lie 3?

  3. I’m going to hope and pray that the lie is 2.

Edit: just saw the answers. 2/3 ain’t bad