2 Truths & a Lie


Lol. You’re too kind.



  1. I was Invited to be on MasterChef.
  2. I pretend I am an idiot.
  3. I was hired in the UK by a rare game publisher.

  1. Is the lie.


I think you consider yourself not cool, cool…

so the lie in 3, you are not average.

@tiny repsonse. LOL

  1. I almost died trying to cook some food.
  2. I accidentally shot my sister’s leg.
  3. I fall from my skateboard at least twice every week while trying some stunts.

  1. As a kid I broke my knee cause I was playing with my friends tossing bricks at each other.

  2. I’ve never faked illness to dodge school.

  3. As a kid I witnessed by aunt forcing spaghetti into my cousin’s mouth so hard it came out of her nose.


Shooting your sister’s leg.

@Foxtrot94 Please be number 3.


I’d say 1
cooking / eating are different things.

You can’t “break a knee”
so 1


You would have talked about it before and I don’t think I have seen you talk about it.

I don’t think you’ve done this just because meh this one seems the most unbelievable out of the three

You went into so much detail unlike the others it makes me believe this is the lie.

  1. I am considered to be the most honest person in any group of people
  2. I am an effective liar
  3. I talk a lot of lie


Yup! I’d never mess around with firearms with my sister around.


Gotta go with Number 1, Group activity on your best behavior… behind the scenes though.

  1. Statements 2 & 3 are only true
  2. The following statement is true
  3. The above statement is false


The lie was number 2. LOL, I’ve done that quite a few times in middle school.


Not correct


Statement 1 can be neither a truth nor a lie if you abide by the rules of the game. If the first one is a lie, then 2 and 3 are both true, therein, the first statement is not a lie - creating 3 truths.

If Statement 1 is true, then only statements 2 and 3 are true, but this would make statement 1 not a lie so statement 1 is also true, thus statement 1 must be false - which it can’t be.

If either statement 2 or 3 is false, then Statement 1 is also false.


Let’s do a few because I’m curious as to how much you all know about me, since I’m an original forumite back from the early days (not a lot of us left).

  1. I have a cat named Reece “Reeses” Monteghue Jackson III.
  2. I think Caira is a good Evolve character.
  3. I own a 2017 Hellcat Challenger.

  1. I main Moira in Overwatch.
  2. I own Evolve on PC.
  3. My favorite game ever is Shadow of The Colossus.

  1. My middle name is Allen.
  2. I’ve seen Nickelback in concert.
  3. I’m enlisted in the US Army.

  1. Didn’t you post a pic where you had a Jeep or something?


Fool, I see three up there.


Wot. Did you edit.

For the second one, it’s 2

For the last one, I’m going with 1.