2 Truths & a Lie


I have pictures of my Finger without my nail…

Wanna see?


Nope! *flails away*


Well, since you asked…


JK I think it’s against Forum rules to post bloody stuff. Get Clickbaited m8.


*screeches from afar* I said no *puts fingers in a cross formation* cleans yourself from your nastiness!


The Lazarus Device commands

Stumbled across this and just felt like dropping some stuff in it.

  1. I sleep almost religiously beside a knife in case someone tries to break in.

  2. I sleep beside my phone, and don’t put it in Do Not Disturb over night to make myself available 24/7 (or as close to it as possible) for people that need me.

  3. I have 3 Scars. All of which I have received by a falling related injury.

I’m pretty confident that I’ve already mentioned these in at least a few places here before, but ah, well.

  1. My dad once accidentally poisoned me.

  2. When my back gate gets left open, my dogs have been known to run around the street unsupervised and return to my front door in their own time.

  3. My mum and dad once argued to the point where my mum packed her stuff and left for 4 and a half months, meaning that over summer I was left home alone with our newly bought puppy at 13 years old.


1 & 3
If you actually sleep next to a knife while having 2 dogs.
thats impressively disturbing

Lemme try.

1 - I had a near death expirience 5 times.
2 - I have 3 names.
3 - I Never watched any of the “90’s kid shows” despite knowing them.


I do actually! One of my dogs is a big chicken, and the other one is younger so she likes to do what the big dog does. I live in a good area, but these houses have been broken into before (admittedly, not mine ever) so being prepared never hurts. Honestly, protecting my dogs is the priority. Anything else can be replaced.

The lies are 3 in both cases; I have 2 scars from falling, and a line-shaped dent in my skull, but no scar tissue formed and I have no recollection of the event that caused it.

And my mum really did walk out, but it was only 2-3 weeks.

Gonna have to say this is the lie, but I’m half expecting to be baited. 5 NDEs seems like a lot though.


it was a bait
Were both wrong then.
wont spoil which one is true cuz someone else might want to guess!
or guess again


Numbah 3. For sure.


I say one, 5 times sounds too much.


Y e e t

established 1 was correct.

I’ve eaten lunch with the reaper
Polish drivers are reckless and my luck to get into tense situations is immeasurable

  1. My nick name is a word play on my actual real name
  2. I once fried a cock roach
  3. A lot of wallpaper that i made is well received


1 is false.

I know you ate cockroach and lots of the art you did was awsome


/10 wrong

  1. I am cool
  2. I am not cool
  3. I am just average.


All three are false. That’s because YOU are awesome :wink:


Well if it isn’t one, then I’m gonna guess 3.


You are correct.A lot of my wallpaper start out looking fugly and even now the reception is still not what i would call “well receive” .
For clarification @Axilla i had never stick any cock roach near my mouth.I did fried them tho as i was dumping the left over oil and there happen to be a dead cock roach in the sink.Yeah it smell like you fired some old man fart after much cheese


unless that was a lie. in which case good on you.


It was a lie.Good for me kek