2 Truths & a Lie

  1. Police officers have frisked me more than 5 times.
  2. I’m a female.
  3. I have never commited a crime.



I mean, I don’t hate it. Kind of neutral. No like nor dislike.


That can’t be true man, come on.
It can’t be, right?


Also, I choose… 1???


Don’t you threaten me *bites shin once again*


But which ones your hand?

nope 3.

He didn’t exactly explain to me that I was failing, but during teacher conferences he told my mom that I had a D in his class she flipped.

I did fail, but I knew about it during and after he met my mom.

As for my bike, accident, it was bad. My foot slipped off the pedal of my BMX bike and got sucked under the peg and smashed my face into the handlebar. I then crashed, scraped up my whole face, both my knees, then fucked up my left arm. My elbow had deep gashes, and I tore off most of the skin on the top of my pinky, and to this day there is scar tissue there. Heres a pic:

When the skin tore off, you could see the bone, and with no skin/meat on the top, it wasn’t bleeding there and so you could see white with some dirt. Cool but nasty.

Luckily I made it home and as soon as I did I almost blacked out due to blood loss.

Part 4: More Gore

  1. I’ve had a bone break and just the tip of the bone tore through my skin.
  2. I got my finger caught in the car door and had to get my nail removed.
  3. I woke up during my wisdom teeth removal surgery and freaked out the doctors.


Ow ;-; I don’t think I needed quite so much detail…



I only went to regular summer school.

(I actually didn’t. I lied for the sake of the joke.)


I’m biting back now :grimacing:


The big one.


The big one?


The big white one.


You two are correct, number 3 was the lie as I’ve only ever been abroad once. It was a school trip to Germany. Never really been a fan of going on holiday abroad because of the cost. That and I’m perfectly happy as long as I have some way of playing games. :smile:

I have never played a Zelda game, mainly because I’ve never really been that into Nintendo sadly. :sweat_smile:


What kinda school takes you to Germany? The only field trips I took in KS was to the AG museum down the street and classmate’s fucking farm. In VA, we went to the mountains and saw a dead political dude’s house…


I have a friend who went to germany for college. Maybe that’s what he meant.


We went for a week as an ‘educational’ trip for German class. Can’t really say I learned anything new whilst I was there, but it was awesome. :smile:


One of my classmates back in KS actually went to Germany to see family and such for about half the year every year during school (they did the other half of the schooling in Germany) and I just…



so 3?

Nope, it was 1.


*flails and screeches in frustration* also… ooooooowwwwww