2 Truths & a Lie


I say 2…

Again, I go with 2

Fuck it, I’m saying 2 again because why the fuck not.

Everybody gets a 2!




So… 3 then???


Yeah, it seems abstract but there’s this group of kids at my school who are all either mega nerds or emo and had one and were hitting each other with it. That’s where I got the idea.


You’re right this time. :smile: I’m still in that phase of my life where I’m not sure how I’d feel fee about piercings, but I don’t have one.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW smh I probably would’ve thrown a ruler or some shit at them. lol

Whoo! ^.^

I have normal ear lobe piercings, but I got it done pretty young and the lady who did it messed up my ear… ;-;
However, I still want other ear piercings and a septum piercing… I also want tattoos and to die my hair at some point. I have 0 issues with any of it. lol


I’m not opposed to a small, meaningful tattoo. My hair honestly doesn’t suit being any unnatural colour. Sad face.

Tattoos on other people are fine, but I find large, dark tattoos unattractive. Dyed hair on other people is fine too.

As for piercings, small nose studs, or simple ear studs can look nice. Septum piercings are hit-or-miss depending on the actual piercing. I think atm I like the idea of an eyebrow piercing the most.

Anything other than what I listed, or hugely stretched ear piercings are a no-go for me.


What about someone who does their own tattoo via stick-&-poke?


They are either an idiot or a hero, either way they deserve the outcome.


*dye not die ^.-
######ya goof


My girlfriend did her’s yesterday. It’s dumb, but it came out good.


If it came out well, then she’s a hero


Yeah, but she did it like, in the web of her finger lmao. All she did was an eye.


Sounds… Pleasant.


I went to summer school to make up a D I got in Trig because my teacher’s name actually started with a WH and ended with ORE and didn’t teach for shit, then I got a D in summer school because I got another teacher that just gave out worksheets while she had an affair with another teacher.


TBH I can see you doing that, but she might get pissed and leave you, so this is the lie.


Ok time for part 3: the prequel:

  1. I lost 2 pints of blood in a bad bike accident in the 7th grade.
  2. I was bullied by a girl who liked me in the 7th grade.
  3. My history teacher failed me in the 7th grade without telling me.


I feel like 2 is one of those unlikely true ones. I’m going to guess 3 is the lie.



I was on my phone… damn it… :upside_down:

*Bites shin*



I’m about to bite you back


Forgot to send you this. I took it after we talked. What do you think?