2 Truths & a Lie


This one is a lie. Your second says “almost” so it must have happened and for your first it is quite specific and sounds like a good story to tell.


metal coat zippers are dangerous =p

  1. I’m a valedictorian, like my mother and sister. ovo

  2. The first language I learned was spanish. ouo

  3. I’m not allowed in Target anymore after throwing up in the frozen food section o,o

  1. I’ve shoveled snow wearing just a sweater.
  2. I watch My Little Pony in secret.
  3. I actually hate oreos.


I mean, I want to say 2, because it wouldn’t be a secret anymore… But those oreos.


Yea I think that’s the word.

I was actually only on the property so I could make a call on the payphone to ask my mom to pick me up. The news was actually in the park next door doing a story on pedophile attacks there.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone back.

lol I wish I had actually been rebelling!


It did happen but it almost got sawed off as in it didn’t fully get sawed off.

  1. A police officer once stopped me and my wife for speeding on a motorway, but ‘forgot’ to do anything about it when he recognised that he used to go to school with my wife
  2. I was once saved from drowning by a whole shift of police officers after I attempted to walk over a swimming pool on the plastic pool cover.
  3. I’ve been stopped and searched in two countries by police officers who were happy to discuss how their partners did the same university degree as me


This is the lie, no one wins in Vegas!


2 sounds the least believable to me…


3, Oreos are just too good.

I could see all of these happening, but I choose 3…


That one is true I got pushed off a tricycle in preschool and the metal coat zipper almost sawed my earlobe completely off it was hanging by a strip of skin.

DK already guessed it correctly it was the broken bones. I have never broken a bone before.


Ow O.O Are you the new Van Gogh then?

Lucky ;-; *flashbacks of all my injuries*


Naw they sewed it back on.

Also my greatest artistic achievement was drawing a stick figure.


I’d say same but… I mean… my pfp was made by me so… :upside_down:


It took me a decade to progress from stick to stick figures.


Hey, connecting lines and creating circles is hard, man. Good on you! xD


The third one was a lie, I could never hate Oreos.


Interesting, I’ll wait to see if anyone else wants to guess :smiley:


  1. I’ve told lies
  2. I’m lying right now
  3. I lied about lying