2 Truths & a Lie


Hi everyone!

Since we are in-between major titles – I figured this is a good time to play around with some forum games!

Let us start with the classic – “Two Truths & a Lie”


You list two things about yourself that are true and one that is a lie.

The rest of us will then try our best to guess the lie without any help.

After we’ve had time to guess – feel free to reveal the true lie! haha


I’ll go first.

  1. I was invited to be a guest on Geek & Sundry.
  2. I’ve been mugged at gunpoint.
  3. I’ve been arrested.



Interesting :thinking:

Well…California is a dangerous place, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least every adult has been arrested (or teenager)

So I’m going to guess 1, if you were can you link the post?

My turn :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I’ve been choked out by a kid as a kid
  2. I have been hit in the head with a golf club
  3. I am allergic to Animals

No Loren, you cannot answer mine


You haven’t been arrested.

If you really are going to be a guest on G&S, I’ll sell you my soul to get me Matt Mercer’s autograph!

  1. I’ve visited 8 different countries.
  2. I was once bitten but a 15 foot python.
  3. I had appendicitis 3 times before an appendectomy.


#2 is oddly specific… gold clubbb… hmmm.
while, #3 is very generic just, animals. I would have to say #3 I don’t know anyone that’s allergic to just animals in general.

I vote for #1! It could be any other number besides 8, even 7, and that’d be a lie! (same with 3 cases of appendicitis but that’s a smaller number sooo… hmm)

Though, that means that I agree with the other two being true and they’re so crazy! I’m glad you’re okay after so much appendicitis! :open_mouth: (if i’m right. haha)

  1. The Last of Us is my favorite video game.
  2. I’ve never been drunk.
  3. My (current) favorite song is Little Talks.


For your sake I hope it’s 2.

Fine, but you can’t answer mine either!

Uuuuh, 1?

Little Talks is a great song, man! :ok_hand:
I’ll go with 2…

  1. I have broken 3 bones.
  2. I was strangled by a teacher.
  3. I have a torn earlobe.



Lol I meant Golf* :joy:[quote=“Shaners, post:4, topic:109532”]
while, #3 is very generic just, animals. I would have to say #3 I don’t know anyone that’s allergic to just animals in general.

Correct! But I am allergic to Cats


Wait what? I um…what?

  1. I threw a bee at my mom once ouo
  2. I read scary stories then get scared immediately after I notice I’m all alone. ouo
  3. I bit the mailman when I was three ouo

  1. I’ve played volleyball with Russians
  2. I’ve broken my leg on a hiking trip in the woods
  3. I’ve been chased and outran large dogs on 3 separate occasions


I think it would be hard to catch and then throw a bee at someone.

  1. I’ve learned, or started to learn, (Thought don’t claim to be great at some of them) the following languages: English, French, German, Latin, Spanish, Klingon, Elvish (Tengwar specifically), Turkish, Russian, Czech & Japanese.
  2. I’ve got the record for most amount of merit badges earned during a boy scout campover (15) in one weekend including an award for best markmanship with a rifle.
  3. I had my first ‘real’ kiss when I was 21.


2, that’s unbelievable.
At least with the first one their’s the loophole of started to learn means you know a few words.


Time to be tricky with this one
1 I was born with 12 toes
2 I was born with 12 fingers
3 for the past year my eye has devolved into a reptilian like state where the skin around my eye becomes scaly starts to tear and bleed and has an appointment on august second where a skin specialist is goin to scrape the skin off my eye to run test

… I bet no one will guess right :slight_smile:



Edit: I’m betting 3 is true, because I get scaly skin on my knuckles that starts to bleed and tear in the right weather. And I’m betting 2 is false because you might be doing some trick question with thumbs, and It’s probably unlikely to have 12 fingers AND 12 toes. but really it’s just 50/50 if you eliminate 3.


I can do the splits both ways (Barbie doll and side to side)

I used to go camping for several days at a time with no food or shelter other than what I found in the woods.

I met my wife while on vacation in Missouri.

For @Shaners I am going to pick being arrested as the lie.


As a man I’m gonna have to call the split thing… or you have a gift from Satan


1st is a lie


The first one is true. :wink:

  1. Love cats.
  2. Football champion.
  3. We have a Dog named kitty.


Used to love doing this in Montana.

I’m guessing you met your wife somewhere else :slight_smile:


That would be correct! I met my wife at my local comic book shop.