2 things I just now noticed about the Evolve box art


Both were probably obvious to many of you . First is that it mirrors the Left 4 Dead art visually - a 4-fingered hand/foot centered and isolated image, and second, that the logo is set up in boxes to read as 4 vs. 1 - in the form of EVOL v. E

Just thought I’d share it because those both amused me.


Don’t worry, it took me 12 years to understand why Citizen Union Bank had a cub as a mascot.


There is also an E used in both monster and hunter side of the 4v1. Does that mean that one hunter is part monster, or knows more than he/she/ot/it claims?

Dun dun dun!


Also the boxes that make up the E, V, O, & L when added together, are as big as the final E’s box, signifying their divided but equal power. Also note the monster and hunter footprints. Whose hunting who? It’s so simple but so descriptive of the game. I love it


Oh I hadn’t noticed those elements, either! So awesome. It’s a really great design.


Who were the people who made the Evolve logo and box art? I think it’s some of the most clever logo design I’ve ever seen, and I hope it inspires others to be as clever. Makes a nice change to shaved 30-something blokes toting phallic symbols all over the cover.


Seriously, so much this.

I did not see at all until this thread but I have enjoyed how the box art looks. :smiley:


E,V,O, & L backwards is LOVE. This is really a game about the love between hunters & monsters.


Thinking about it that way… EVOLVE = Ev-Love.

…uh, on second thought I got nothing to add. Sorry. :frowning:


Ironically, the Logo design team just created what it was, and everything else we pick out of it is just circumstantial and coincidental.


That’s what they want you to think.

I’ve been staring at the cover art for awhile, trying to find other secret messages. I think I’ve found a face, but not much else. I’ll keep searching though. Maybe it’s like one of those 3D posters that used to be popular where you need to let your eyes unfocus so it all comes together…