2 strikes and 1 rockthrow = instakill?


Think it’s a bug, it shouldnt do an instakill or am I wrong?

Btw I’m not talking about damage buff or damage perk, thanks.


No, it should bring them down to about 10%


If you’re sure he didn’t have a buff then it is a bug yes.


Ok, then it’s a bug, could devs fix that, please? it’s sad.


Get hit by the rock, and then get hit by the rock shrapnel maybe?


wut? 10 char


Where was the hunter located?


Pff not sure, 20 meters?


As I see it, the rock has 2 impact points.

The rock itself hits you, you take major damage.
If you’re standing behind a tree, the rock explodes on the tree and still hits you slightly due to something like shrapnel. Maybe got it by both?


Sorry poor wording, were they on the ground, on a pillar, in the air, or being tumbled?


Does it really matter the meters? I think it should be something like 300/400/500 dmg or something like that, no matter if you are 10000 miles or 10 meters… or if you are in the air, ground, tree, water… omfg wtf is this?


Would The damage perk (NOT BUFF) insta kill then?


yes. 10 char


thats why Goliath’s take dmg perk.




It all has to do with impact points, id go more into it but i tend to ramble ^.^


thats weird and a bit tarded.


Most definitely weird, the rock is just so large that sometimes itll hit both the hunter and ground, causing 2X damage, and then its a GG