2 Shields ? (Sunny)


Just played a game and noticed something strange with Sunny… the monster just destroyed a shield drone but there were another shield that start immediately shielding a Caira. How can this be? Even when Sunny put down another shield in the moment when the monster destroyed a shield… it should not start shielding right after placing it. So i’m not sure if this Sunny could place 2 shields or the shield just start immediately shielding… someone else noticed this? (oc i don’t have any video… it is the first time i saw this)

Check out this Sunny hack

she can only place 1

and if she places a new one then it takes about 6 seconds to load up.

so 2 things couldve happened

u thought it was instantly but it was enought time for the new drone to charge up.
or some kind of a bug


can you read pls? the other drone started shielding IMMEDIATALY… there were no 6 seconds. but i’m glad you didn’t experienced this too.

Well you've officially lost me

That sounds like a glitch, but it gives me an idea for a hunter who could deploy many drones. They would only protect one hit and break easily but if used correctly they could be both fair and effective


I’ve been able to place 2 shields with sunny before, not on purpose. I just happen to return to the area chasing the monster and placed a shield generator only to notice the other was still there some distance away.

I have yet to be able to replicate this 2 shield bot bug in any manner since :frowning: For testing purposes of course…

However, I’ve found another neat bug where you can stack the shield bot to garner more height. It will destroy the first, but the second that was placed on top will be higher up bot. I did some minor testing in solo-mode and it seems to be possible to get it pretty high, but not high enough at a quick enough pace to be ‘exploitable’ Its irritating if you mean the bot top and it will easily reset so I never determined a height cap out lol

I only mention exploit since it can be used to put it out of reach of monsters that can’t fly so they have limited attack possibilities. Not to mention it allows the bot to shield over a larger area with limited obstacles that rocks would normally pose. This could be exploited if they prep it near the relay on a hunt, or generator on a defend, where you know the monster will have to come to.


Perhaps this is what happened to you.