2 really annoying glichs. Devs please take a look


1: i just joined into a game in progress through regular matchmaking as a behemoth and was unable to take over the bot because of val’s tranq. but as soon as i took it over i was already dead because val was relentless with the tranqs.

2: lots of times as behemoth when i’m rolling down hill or off a cliff i start floating in mid air still going forward unable to turn. the only way out of it is to get out of the ball form and loose speed i need to get away or run into a tree since im nowhere near the ground.

Devs please take a look at these. i would be very happy to see them disappear.

edit: this is on PC


By that do you mean that you literally could not or did not want to? This doesn’t sound like a bug to me.


i was litterally unable to take over the bot. i kept pressing the button and it wouldnt let me.


it oes not let you do bot if he is gettiing attacked


Ah. I do apologize, I was not aware of this. Explains a lot though!

Alright, the tranq does no damage and ideally shouldn’t stop you, so @MrStrategio- is this intended or a bug?


he gets attacked by anything he has to be in the clear first then take over bot


im gonna go livestreaam in 5 mins


Alright. You have fun with that.

Nice new profile pc.