2 Quick questions dont upvote


The first is: everytime i try to stealth punch someone infight or if he is alone he shoot at me and i didnt get him. Or i jump to him and then he shoot etc. Or i got him in the animation and the stealth punch stops directly. Maybe i smashed the button to hard? Dunno. Any tips for this problem?

second question: how can i destroy markovs mines as wraith, i thought warpblast would be good but if i warpblast in the mines i take the dmg, same if i just meele. Its horrible. With goliath thats quite easier. Any tips?


About the sneak pounce.You can do it anytime(2 secs cooldown).If you get damage the second you use the sneak it will get cancelled.That’s why its kinda impossible to sneak a Markov attacking you with Lighting gun.

Actually with Wraith its the easiest monster to destroy mines.Warp Blast-Decoy-Abduction destroys mines.

  1. this is how stealth pounce works, if you take damage before impact you dont get the pounce. Try a heavy knock-back or any knock-back skill into a stealth pounce

  2. decoy and abduction are the only skills you can use as wraith to destroy mines.


And Warp Blast


Just a note to what people have said on the first question… the pounce has to land just as or just before the monster takes damage, so rate of fire is very important. Markov can be pounced while using the lightning gun on an off chance if you manage to get the pounce right after the frame where the damage connects. Hyde, with a lower rate of fire on the flamethrower is easy to pounce even when you is melting you, because the damage ticks much slower than the lightning gun.


I guess if you explode near them and not on top of them, otherwise you take the damage.


Nop.You can travel inside them with the Warp Blast and not take damage.

(pretty stupid if you ask me)


idk, whenever I have tried that I just took mine damage, maybe I should test it again.


Learning new stuff all the time o.0 I just found out those little bug critters poop stuff you can eat as a monster as well. Crazy crazy stuff.


I have gotten from stage one to three on that stuff in a cave! You dont spawn birds while in a cave, so the hunters never found me until it was too late!


I had it tested since a match we faced against Insane in ESL.He never took any mine damage.

He didn’t use decoy.He was just abducting and Warp Blasting(Keep in mind i’m not talking about the Traversal Warp i’m talking about the skill Warp Blast.)If you just Traversal Warp you take the damage.If you use Warp Blast the only way for him to take damage is the mine to arm the exact millisecond that Wraith is about to explode.

So here is a tip.Don’t play Markov against Wraith :slight_smile: Hyde is much better


Hyde+ Caira= anti invis for wraith.


Hmmh iam pretty sure i got dmg if i warpblast into mines. Dont tested it with the abduction. Decoy is crap, i never use it.

To the sneak pounce i cancel it with pressing the sneak button right?
Maybe i press this to often cause i think i dont got him, iam really bad at it. Maybe it would be wise to write an makro on my keyboard. Have to improove it.

Thanks alot for the tips and advices :smiley: <3


Ermmm yes in order to cancel a sneak attack you have to press Ctrl again.

Also you don’t take the mine damage if you warp blast between the mines.Not sure if it works if you stop at the mine.But if you warp blast and just pass from inside the mine you won’t take damage.


Actually, I don’t think this is true. I’ve seen/played as Wraiths who warp through mines without taking damage.


Nop i tested it.The traversal doesn’t make you immune.You take the damage


I’ve tested it as well, and come up with opposite results. Wierd.


Are we talking about the same thing?I am not talking about Warp Blast.I’m talking about only Warp.The traversal.Pressing SpaceBar.Because that think takes damage from mines no matter how you use it.


Decoy is good if used right.

I’ve sent decoy out to attack and snuck around the corner to warp blast and finish off some hunters.

Other times I use for feeding since you can eat while invisible and the decoy will kill the monsters for you. It speeds up the feeding process when hunters don’t know where you are.

Also, its just a good distraction to hold up the hunters while you change direction, never go the same direction you were moving. More experienced players ignore the decoy and just keep pushing forward.

Decoy is basically useless on rank 1. It needs ability rank 2 at least and awesome at rank 3. Its a tactical ability though, so it shouldn’t be relied on too much. Its good you are trying to get used to the other abilities, but don’t write off decoy so easily :wink:


Yep. I’ve never taken mine damage by traversing.