2 questions

  1. This is a simple one. Somewhere (on the forums) I heard that all skins would be only timed exclusives. I missed the Voodoo Bo- er, Gobi- ARGH, GOLIATH SKIN. So, does that mean I’ll be able to purchase it?

  2. What’s this about a new patch?! PLEASE TELL ME!! There’s nothing about a patch on the Evolve website! Please do inform me.


du u have tu tlk lyke ths?


Behcause Ih Wehs Behrn Tehs Wehs.


I can’t even read that… If you want a serious answer please ask the question seriously.


Ok, one moment.


There, happy?


According to Phil all dlc has timed exclusivity. Nothing more.

Watch for patch notes in the Telemetry thread.