2 questions from someone who can't seem to find answers


Alright, so I can’t seem to find anything in the patch notes or wherever about this, so I’m just gonna ask you guys.

  1. I remember, back when TU09 was first teased, that we were told Gorgon was going to see some changes to Mimic; namely, its damage would be raised, but half of it would be a DoT. We were also told Bob was getting reduced cooldowns and melee damage. Did either of these go through? I know Bob’s not really out yet, so I’m not expecting any answers about him; but, you know, I thought maybe someone would know?
  2. Founders get all adaptations present and future, right? So I’m assuming this includes adaptations of all tiers of characters; even those of T4, T5, and whatever future tiers we get. Am I wrong here?


1 - I believe the Gorgon and Bob changes went through. Cory listed all current changes in the patch notes.

2 - Correctomundo as I understand it.


For characters you already had. If you didn’t have Sunny, for example, you would need to unlock her or her adaptation like anyone else.



just to add support to blue


This is correct. You’ll get the adaptations for the characters you bought before as soon as they are released. So if you bought both hunting passes (or all characters separately) you should get all characters (tiers 1 to 5) and their adaptations instantly as soon as they are released. :slight_smile:

And yes, the changes to bob and gorgon went through just as mountain said. :wink: