2 Pictures Side By Side


Can someone put these pictures side by side?

Thank you!


I can’t… Sorry. Buuut you did me a favour and found that tier 2 picture which I couldn’t find… :blush:


Yea I have a hard time finding that one too


Has to be the size of the Behemoth one since it’s the smallest


That does look really cool what you did

But I meant a picture like this:


Basically what I am trying to do is something called “Glassless 3D” and if you have never heard of it. That is when two pictures are side by side of the same thing and when you cross you eyes to combine the images they look 3D and I wanted to do that with the Evolve pictures above



Just like that! Thank you!


It hurts my eyes two much Haha but still nonetheless thank you

And you may close this since it has been answered I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Closed as requested by op.