2 Parter: Crazy camera bug in defend and also video time cards show how turrets in pubs are worthless


So this is a 2-parter.

So i joined in a quick play hunt game on fusion plant and lost. Then a game of defend came up.perfect :smiley:

I just had made a thread (unbeknownst to me so did someone else) on how the turrets are worthless and that they do nothing to help now and its super monster favored. others argued that all you had to chase the monster… so i made it a goal to play a game of defend and not go after the generators and see what happens. just minions vs hunters and turrets. so hunters started as 2 bots and 2 hunters but they gained real people quick. by the end of the match of me not attacking the generators the last surviving generator/power source had only a sliver of health. yes did the hunters not kill the minions quick enough but what if i had been helping? they would have been screwed so i just want the old turrets back because of the video links below.

BUT!!! a very strange bug happened that i never saw. it happened 2-10-16 around 5pm cst and the camera was just stuck. i learned throughout the game that i could reset the camera by taking a break and taking over bot and it would reset the camera to that new position. 10 videos total and its pretty crazy











So these are my argument for returning the turrets to normal. they simply dont do enough to help the hunters and this is coming from a monster player. yes i know the hunters had to be doing pretty bad to let the minions alone get the power source so low… but still.

And along with now having proof that for quick play/customs that these turrets suck horribly now, i have found a crazy bug that i wanted to share


Holy videos


This is the second time I’ve seen this bug, first was right after kala release on twitch.tv/KashBryant
Yeah, basically the camera doesn’t follow the monster but instead stays in one spot. On the stream though, taking a break didn’t solve it, and I’m not sure what causes it after trying to replicate. Is this known @ArPharazon?


I don’t think it is, but I only made a quick search of the database. QA will have to take this. @m3teeh, ever heard of this?


Nope, I’ve never seen this before.
Did you late join to the match? Did it happen since the beginning of the match or a few minutes in?


i joined in the previous match late and lost a game of hunt as kala and stayed in when i saw defend since i wanted to show that the minions can pretty much beat pubs by themselves with the turret change. then this camera glitch happened so i was even more forced to let the minions fight for me lol


Did it happen right at the very beginning at the match? And yaaa, you almost won the game! xD


Well, I’ve logged the issue and we’ll try to find the cause and get it fixed. Any other information is greatly appreciated, and I hope you don’t get this issue again (though I applaud you for completing the match and almost winning!) :monster:
If we find one side is completely wrecking the other in any mode, balance team will swoop in with improvements as soon as they can.

Thanks for all the information!


Yah it happened from the very beginning. My initial thought going into defend that day was to record clips as time stamps to show that against random people online that my not have proper coordination would get destroyed by the minions ( even as a monster player i was against the turret changes, not just for defend but as a map effect for customs/evac [my friends and i mostly play those 2 game modes])

Once i saw that i could relocate the camera i figured id try to help a bit or at least get closer to see if i could win lol

You’re picture is funny for some reason, its like fitting you know

Edit: The only other real info i can give is that it was at 5pm cst and the date i think i think i listed above, it was me and 2 hunters and 2 bots and more hunters joined in


Ah, yes, that is usually my look when a bug like this comes through. D:

Thanks for letting us know it happened at the beginning of the match and everything else, I’ve added it to the log and it’ll hopefully help us track the problem down. ^^