2 New hunters are blatantly stronger then the old ones


A shield gun you can use while firing, and kiting away from the shield.

A guy who instantly applies a ton of weakpoints instantly. Thanks laz I got this…

Thats not to say that the other ones aren’t also subtly stronger then others as well.

The new trapper may or may not be stronger then the old ones, and the new medic may or may not be stronger then the old ones.


Hank is always better than a shield DRONE.

And Laz is not for damage but for interruption when the monster eats really. Hence the silent sniper.


ones of laz’s big benifits was increasing passive damage, that does a lot for team survivability

hank is not better then a shield drone.

Hank is an easy to focus/priority target, and killing him kills damage, and utility, and is part of the monster win con.

Focusing him to stop a shield was very very good for the monster in a ton of ways

stopping a shield drone is almost a waste of time, better to jerk around the ai and alternate targets, which is even more negated damage then the shield…

add to that the positioning advantage gained by the hunters as you try to deal with the drone directly…thats so much health gained its blatantly bullshit

also burst damage and utility in the assault is very powerful, thats why parnel had to have an entire slot dedicated to increasing his burst, and positioning, and they made it harm his health, and have a huge cd


Drone heals after they take damage. Hank will always be better at shielding.

Torvalds weak points cannot be placed accurately and go away quickly.


Im not even gonna argue with this, i was gonna try but no one even thinks before making a thread anymore and once theyre proven wrong they get angry and wont step down to logic presented to them


Tell me the argument, obviously you can debunk the claim in the op

hank will always be better at shielding, but not surviving what has more utility?

How does hank do more to protect hunters when she also has an evasion booster?

With out-of-combat utility to boot.


Hank’s shield is better than shield drone, in terms of damage absorption, but utility wise, shield drone is much better ( or sunny;s abilities combined )

Sunny - You are able to achieve :

  1. Damage - her canon is one shot thing,
  2. Shielding ur teamates ( shield drone )
  3. Avoiding damage ( running around while u are being focused )


except that the shield that sonny has i stupid as fuck XD just smack a bitch once and it changes targets. if you set every one on fire as say goliath it wont know what the fuck to do


Because alternating targets is easy when they’ve got jet pack fuel to spare


Hank ability to predict adds damage protection while the drone waits until a hit so it just makes monster switch targets more so more of a time to heal so both are viable ( sunny is not overly better than hank).

Torvald’s weak spot is nice but limited where laz can cover a monster in weak spots if he wants. So while torvald can do weak spots of same value laz can put then in higher quantity making aiming insignificant.


The other argument is that Torvald removes the need for laz, for his damage-boosting utility…over lapping utility might be detrimental to team comp.

As well laz if in a different/opposite position to the monster and that directional difference can negate any benefit to the damage dealer if say, the monster is only facing them (dmg dealer), until they’re down, or fleeing…and is only marked in a way that they can be hit from behind.

As well the utility in having a damage buff that doesn’t risk giving away the position of the medic, thats also something.

In general the burst of the ability and the short up time doesnt really matter because the damage dealer is the one who’d use it in the first place, with the side benefit being that other classes could opt to use it.

However other classes using damage buffs isn’t optimal as they have other utility to focus on, and the timing would be hard to optimize anyway.


in terms of predicting damage and blocking it, I guess the argument is, that evasion does the same thing, but is more subtle, and therefore less likely to draw aggro…but yes, not exactly 1:1 and there are differences in the way they block damage


Sunny can shield herself while boosting another. Bitch be CRAZY.


Hank can shield IN ADVANCE, Sunny’s drone shields reactively. So the monster always gets 1 hit in.

Does it matter? NO! Because it prevents the monster from focusing on a single kill.

Where Sunny shines is she can preserve a focused medic, while punishing the monster doing it at the same time. Hank… is funtastic, and I approve of him… But he can’t do both… as well.


I think they need to increase the recharge rate on the drone. When it runs out it goes back up to full in around 2 seconds and starts shielding again. All this on top of her boosting the team or hitting you with the mininuke. I think it can turn around but I’m probably wrong on that one. Doesn’t matter though since she can just deploy a new on immediately and theres very little delay before it activates


Sunny’s drone doesn’t always shield reactively. I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I’ve seen it pop on right before a Rock Throw hits. It seems inconsistent though - sometimes it works like intended, sometimes more like AI Hank.


It’s funny because in twenty or thirty matches against sunny that dumb drone is yet to shield anyone for anything. Aoe confuses the hell out of it and it’s usually dead or out of los most of the rest of the time. I have no idea how any sunny’s manage to get any shield numbers at all. Faced her on all four monsters. No issues anywhere with the drone.

Her jet boost though is a pain in the ass. Particularily for wraith as she only has burst movement and lacks the sustained movement to escape without some mad decoy jukes.


you cant sheild yr self when yr hank and his orbitsal hitzs no monster unless they stay there


Oh dear lord, it’s so easy to down sunny, even as Goliath; you make it sound like she can just put a personal shield on lol. People are exaggerating abit too much with this.

If you can’t function well enough to switch your targets and out smart drone AI, or deal with a jet pack beam that glows purple focus her down, just because she’s not called hank and uses a shield gun dosent mean you can leave her standing!
Would you leave hank standing ? No you would focus him.

  1. uh… no Hank’s shield is a better because it has a human brain behind it… usually.

  2. well duh of course the assault is going to be better at doing/helping team do damage than the medic. Damage isn’t his job.


Shield drone better than Hank, I think not. You could possibly bring up a argument as to way Sunny is better than Hank ( though I don’t personally think that’s the case ) but the shield drone being better than Hank is just silly. I’m not going to bring up reasons as to why this is the case, because so many other people already have. I don’t think the shrapnel grenade is better than Laz either, first off you have to switch to it and throw it, which during that time you could be shooting the monster. Second you are aren’t putting nearly as many as Laz, your not doing it as fast as Laz and you don’t get to control where they go ( a weak spot on the head is much better than on the leg ). Lastly you can do it from pretty much any range, even if you miss your first shot you can just put five more in right after and the fact that as Laz you are pretty much going to be constantly putting on weak spots, makes over all more effective. I could name more but I don’t went a huge wall of text.