2 more maps


I Want To see Factor Overruned as a map & The Volcanic Mt map or an iceland or desert map…
What maps would you like to see???


How would you see factor overrun? The game takes place on shear lol.

But I agree, I want more maps soon.


Like the aftermath with like 5 unique species on it or even weak stage 1 monsters, i love this game!


They can’t. It doesn’t fit the game. Every map that is created needs to be able to be used in every game mode, not as a stand alone. If that makes sense


Could a volcano map fit? there was one in the game development and it looked cool (Like every old map…)


That actually does i understand now,it would confuse and mess up the story,lol
But it does need a few more icy,desert,volcan,watery maps agee’d :]


Of course any type of environment can fit. Think of all of the environments here on earth. Shear could have just as many.


Well, they removed the artic one because it ¨didn’t fit¨


I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit… Think antarctica.


Defend has its own maps


This is true. But they also fit in this game world.


Can it take place above shear like a space station