2 more for serious team- PS4


Looking for 2 members to get a serious team together. Have a trapper and assault. Looking for support and medic. PSN is ShriverDawg327 message me if interested.


I perform extremely well as any medic. I would also like to see on how serious you guys perform as well before making a decision :slight_smile:

  • PSN: Pureray-


When you have your team together would you be up for a scrim?


I’m great as Support. Mainly Hank and Cabot

PSN- ShadowStalker212
You know, because I’m creepy.


You and your team are welcome to join our clan, Nova if you like! You can still play with your given four, but if you’re short 1-3 people because they’re busy at any given time you can communicate with other clan members on our website and plan to play a certain time or test your skills in custom matches within the clan!

PM me if you’re interested, or refer to my previous post!


Hey buddy, me and a friend main medic and support. Let’s do this, add us. Top 150 global caira, top 400 sunny. Add us, my username is jayzino89 and my friend is minor_fatality