2 months later, matchmaking still feels borked


So I’ve been trying to play tonight for about 2 hours, in that time I have had about 4 or 5 games in which they were about 10 minutes each, so basically I’ve spent the other 1 hour or so of my time just trying to find a game where I’m not being forced to play as the monster even though it’s my 5th choice, hoping to get a game where I can get my 1st or second choice or not to be thrown into a lobby that’s about to start in 20 seconds and there’s only 2 or 3 others in there, then lastly of course I don’t like being thrown into games that are 10 seconds away from being finished and then a bunch of people proceed to quit the lobby after, only for the game to put us back into the lobby as 3 and then I still somehow get chucked the monster role when there’s 3 of us in and it’s my 5th damn choice.

The best bit about this matchmaking is the fact that it spends no longer than 10 seconds on average and tosses you into a random game with your preference not being considered at all, it’s like the class choices have no relevance and they are just there to make you feel better whilst accomplishing nothing.

The problem is furthered by the fact that if you want to restart a game, then majority rules has no life here, 1 stupid idiot can vote no which means a game has to carry on even if it’s only just started and we wanted to restart because 1 or 2 others joined just as the game started and now they’re stuck on the tier 1 hunters with no perks, do you see the problem here TR?

If you don’t want majority rules in-case the hunters get salty from being close to losing and decide to force a restart…then how about changing the way it works? make it so that majority rules at the start of the match, or for the first couple minutes provding the hunters havn’t engaged the monster, if they have engaged the monster then make it the way it is now being a 5/5 vote.

@MacMan Is this going to be sorted anytime soon?

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