2 monsters again why devs?

I really hope they add 2 monster modes :3
But 8 hunter modes? nope nope nope

Why would a monster help hunters?

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It’s gone rouge/they have taken control of one or they gave it cookies and it likes belly rubs idk xD

It is a bug tho isn’t it, that’s why it was in bugs, it’s not intended but should be. And I mentioned macman only because his speech he gave about 2 monsters being impossible for the engine or something was wrong and I would like to know why he said that when it’s not true. I’m curtain he was the one that said it.

It is true, the game in its current state can’t handle two monsters. Maps, balance, wildlife, etc. It’s not meant for two monsters.

I can’t explain how much work it would take but it is possible. Maybe in a sequel far away it will be a completely new better game with more crammed in it. If you go in custom by the way it can handle infinite hunters theirs a way to dupe them so I don’t know why macman lied. And it would work 2 monsters with extra wild life on, that you put on in customs if it can handle 100 hunters it can handle 2 monsters with more food and 8 hunters and the map size can be increased for this game mode, just one map they would have to make.

Even if everything you say is true, the map size and balance would be way out of spec. Multiple domes? Double Vortex? Getting pinched between two Bob’s on Aviary, there are a multitude of issues that would need to be ironed out. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

That’s what I’m trying to think of how to fix. What if a dome goes down and the other trapper has his on cooldown as well, or something along the lines of penalty for the other. Their are alot of ways I probably have not thought of yet

Any fix to facilitate this game type would need massive coding changes. At this point it’s simply not feasible.

I would not be surprised if they are already brainstorming how to try to make it work.

That’s why it should be like another game in the future for that sort of work

At least they have a sequel plan

I totally agree. Evolve 2 maybe.

Maybe in the sequel, the worst thing new IPs can do is try to do too much to quckly, balancing both monster and hunter is tricky enough without adding this mode in.

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It is tricky but their getting more experienced doing it more and faster

Not in a monster defend mode with 40 bot soldiers to help the hunters!

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I like were your coming from

If anybody wants to know how to dupe 100 hunters search the forums their was a post somewhere from the founder and it’s on YouTube maybe I can’t be bothered checking. That’s how I did it theirs steps saying disconnect your internet with 3 people in your game in customs and you need to be assault and when you disconnect internet get back in game and change character before your assault or something and whatever you swap to is duplicated I’m really hazy on how to do it don’t blame me if my steps are off a bit I don’t remember 100% and you can’t dupe assault😓

yea they are some maps are huge and i been in the game with 2 monsters

I had a 2 monster game, the only problem was that the other monster was a pansy, and he fled the first dome leaving me to die, so I soloed the hunters while he evolved on the far side of the map, I somehow made it to stage 3 and wiped out the hunters in the time it took him to just get to stage 3 unharrassed.

We all love this bug. ^.^

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