2 monsters again why devs?

Please tell me why again we can’t have a 2 monster mode? I was in hunt with 2 player controlled goliaths, with 2 stage threes it was so fun why can’t their be a mode for it and make it more balanced.


Because it wouldn’t be balanced. Kraken would be the best. Nothing would be able to hit him. Wraith players would be stupid and abuse Sky Wraith just dragging the game out for 25 minutes.

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Please do not mention the developers in threads such as this. Also, you’re using the wrong section.

They have spent a lot of time on balancing the game with 4 Hunters and 1 monster. The gaming community complains constantly about it. Adding a second monster would ruin all of that.

They can make it balanced like they have been trying with the way it is now maybe when evolve 2 comes out if they ever do it

I tagged macman because he said it can’t handle 2 monsters why was their 2 this has been happening a bit now

2 monsters together would break whole 4v1 meta the game has been built on.

Maps are not large enough for two monsters and eight hunters, and there’s not enough wildlife to sustain two monsters.

We’ve seen the same monster duplicated we haven’t seen two different monsters in a single match.

The evac maps are big for 8 v 2 I know it would take forever to make but I just want to know why macman said it would crash and wreck the game

Do you mean defend?

Yes they can make something out of that, that encludes 8 v 2 or monster v monster

There is a 2 monster mode.
you can have a monster companion from evac!
Or a hatchling from nest!

If it’s player controlled game can’t handle it but it does

The maps are set up for linear play, not hunt/rescue/nest. I get what you’re saying, and maybe it could be fun. But it’s an entirely different animal (no pun intended) than the current game.

Something more like this would attract a lot more people and their lots of ideas for balance why not have 2 monsters but stay at stage 1 or only one get to 2

That bug was never intended, so the game isn’t built for it.

I can see them looking at it in the future though.

sorry but 1 kraken is enought pain

If they fix it that’s bullshit that day better not come and if it’s already in it makes it more easy to make it intended

4 hunters and a monster vs 4 hunters and a monster nuff said

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