2 Monsters... again - Videos Included


Hey community,

I’ve been playing Evolve since launch, and loving every minute of it. Yes, there are bugs, but it’s been nothing too horrible that’s turned me off to the game. That having been said, when a bug gets fixed a new one tends to show up.

I have a video that shows a player who was in our lobby prior to the map launching, only to be put in a random ‘ghost’ body. We couldn’t see the player who was slated to play monster, and when we engaged the Goliath the first time around it was named “Monster” to indicate no player had control; it was an NPC.

Watch the video and you’ll see some strange behavior. Birds fly right in front of me as if they are set off by the monster running over them / eating its prey; however no monster is visable. Furthermore, the monster appears in a seperate location all-together moments later, emerged as the player.

I was lucky enough to get both perspectives, and video capture to share. Links below.

Hunter Perspective:

Monster Perspective:

Full disclosure - My controls were not inverted like I state at the end of the 2nd video. They were a little wonky as there was a limitation of things I could do during the match (not see the interface, not used decoy, etc.) Also, these are 2 seperate matches within 48 hours.

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The “ghost monster” glitch has happened to me a few times myself. On a couple of those occasions, it eventually zapped me into the monster and let me take control…others I’ve had to twiddle my thumbs and spectate the action without ever being able to do anything until the game (usually) crashes.

I should grab my captures of it too…but you guys get the idea.


Yeah, not 2 monster glitch. Just a mess up with the bots and such, makes it confusing as hell sometimes.


I realize it’s not really a 2nd monster, but mechanically speaking there are some indications that it is. Prime example being that only the monster can trigger birds. As hunters, you’re running to the birds whenever you see them, but when they also appear on the other side of the map… that’s a problem.

The lobby that we joined in the Monster video was 100% full, so no bots should have been included. The hunter video, we went in with 4 - 3 hunters and 1 monster (we were a premaded hunter team).

Seems like I’m not the only one who has encountered this, but after checking the bug forums I didn’t see anyone posting any video evidence so I wanted to pass it along and share.

Hope this helps the crew out at Turtle Rock!


I have had the ai play monster for me a dozen times or so before pretty annoying bug


It puts the monster player into an invisible body. You can walk, sniff, and get shot, but are invisible, and can’t climb.

It has happened to me three times, and the only way to regain control is to be killed, which requires you jumping into either the monster or hunter’s attacks.

I got killed by leap smash, rockets, and the third time I ran into an orbital bombardment so I could take over my kraken.


That’s really good to know. That’s a lot more information that I had before.


Oh and you can trigger scare birds while walking around, however as you want to get yourself killed you have to either follow the monster or hunters, making scaring the birds in the other direction an ineffective strategy unless you trust the bot to not screw up terribly.


Lol, I haven’t seen the old “invisible walking one-health monster” glitch since the alpha. Annoying and game-breaking, yes. Hilarious, hell yes.


I’ve had this happen twice… It kinda sucks, but it’s also kinda cool, but annoying when it happens.