2 monstar games


So yea turtle rock twice now i have been in a game with two monstars on xb1 i have upload clips to prove this it just ruins my night just thought id throw this out there


I’ve never encountered this, I always hope to lol. Can you upload clips?


You dont want it to happen unless your the monstar an if you are the monster you should just leave that pissed me off so bad cuz we almost won but they got to stage 3 an there was no hope i have vids on xb1 upload if you wanna see it get on xbox if you dont have one idk how to actually upload them


Damn, I’m on Playstation. Some people post Xbox videos, idk how though it’s always a link.


If i knew how i would man but thats too techy for me


Likewise. Damn I want to see this glitch. Was it 2 Goliaths?


Lucky bastard I wish that could happen to me…


Write xbox dvr clip, sign up then look for your clips and link em here.


it has hapen 2 me 1 time bro. ii was a goiath wit anudder goliat an we s1 rekd duh huntrs lolololololol


2 behemoths


Its not fun makes you wanna just stop playing


You ran into it twice? damn, I only ran int it once. I want it again just for the full experience since the power went out during that and I got DCed.


just go to xboxclips.com and search for your gamertag. It’ll bring up all of your clips


Oh my God, 2 brohemoths? They could make a circular arena of Rock Walls. :flushed:


I’m pretty sure two level 3 rockwalls at the same time would explode my Xbox… lol


Yup, my Playstation would probably glitch with them both having their arms stuck in the air. Then they could have the worlds biggest brohemoth bro hug.


Hello Everyone. :smile:

This is a known issue we are currently looking into.

Thank you for your patience, & thanks for the info!


Please don’t fix it.

It seems fun.


Please don’t fix it it is a lot of fun!


I’m not gonna lie, the idea of fighting with more monsters makes me happy inside. haha