2 men were fishing when suddenly cats started swimming towards their boat



It’s not that crazy. You see catfish all the time in muddy rivers!


They’re adapting O.O

Wasn’t it Albeeno who did random videos? >.<

(Also :wrench: the title Azmee >.<)
Unless I broke the title :T


One day, they will conquer the water as well as the land, just like their Turkish Van comrades. Then, they will take to the air. You are watching global domination in progress!


Make haste! O.O

We must stop this kitten domination! >.<


Why fight it? They’re so cute… and sadistic… and cute. I’m sure they would make adorable overlords! <3


I will start the Doge rebellion! >.<

So Anarchy :a:
Much Power :muscle:
So Waow :dog:


You should check out this thread


I think it was their cats. They seemed quite used to the boat no problem whatsoever :P. Not at all scared, not even after the swim. The first cat at least OWNED the boat.


I think they were way hungry, they looked super thin. :frowning:
I hope those guys took them in, or found them a nice home!!!


Nah they were just very wet, didn’t look at all thin. I’m telling you, those were their cats, not strays.


That would be twisted if they dumped them on the island in the hope of a good video, or were just surprised they tried to get back



This was trending on Facebook months ago


Really I had no idea? I mainly use facebook to get into my other accounts and to play some games. XD


Too cute… FOR ME!!



The guys are cute too, in a weird white trash beer-belly kinda way. XD