2 Loading screens before a match


Is there a reason for this? Just curious. I’d love it if they could combine it to just one.


Are you talking about Character Selection and the Game Loading?


10 charizards.


Well the first screen loads character selection (obviously). There it has to render all 24 models for Hunters, 7 models for Monsters, and four videos per Monster, and three per Hunter, along with all the UI, perks, ready up, timer, etc.

The second loading screen has to load the four selected Hunters, the dropship, the animation, the RNG to pick a conversation from the available Hunters, it also has to load the map, the wildlife, the breakable objects, the Monster, the feeding animation, albinos, etc.

So basically, one loads all 3D model assets and a lot of code for UI menues and then the second loads the actual game from the information it obtained from character selection, information like what Monster it is, what map it will load, what perk each character has, what Hunters there are, what masteries do they have, what abilities the Monster has, etc.

Hope this makes sense because I don’t know how better to explain that :stuck_out_tongue:


OK. I appreciate the info.

Does this mean they couldn’t make into a single twice as long loading screen?

Who should we ask if this is a feasible thing? A lot of my buddy’s think this would be great as well.


I highly doubt it is but you can ask! @MacMan


i would rather look at two different screens rather than stare are the same image for twice as long…


I’m not saying everyone prefers this. Just my sample of people I play with, thus I got curious :slight_smile:


yea, no reason. honestly i think having a “slideshow” info screen would be neat. or it could be used to show off concept art of characters etc.


YUS. Concept art slideshow for loading screens would be so epic! For those people that didn’t buy the book.


bah. makes me wish i still had all the programs i used to have. can’t make that stuff myself anymore.


I’ll just print out a bunch, and when I’m loading, I’ll hold a picture up to the screen and switch it every 4 seconds. Problem fixed. :wink:


haha. might as well make a youtube slideshow :p. then you just Alt-Tab


Xbox one. More reasons to switch.


i’ve thought about, if i had money. what console would i buy other than upgrading my computer. i thought about Xbox for a while, but Halo is litterally the only thing i can think of for Xbox. Playstation just has more games that i would enjoy and a decent number of games that i would want to play on Xbox, are also on PS.

however, nintendo will always get my money too.

Pc, Nintendo, Ps are probably the 3 i care about. Xbox, not so much. unless they make Halo for Pc again.


Its definitely better to pick a console by what games you want rather than specs/fanboying. I almost went with ps4 just for kingdom hearts alone. But I still have my ps2 so I said screw it. I’m happy with playing the original.


Well, you don’t really “settle” for the original. It’s the best one.


Never said settle lol. I bought my ps2 specifically for KH.


omg dont even joke at that… a loading screen twice as long… nightmares start out there lol. i love the game and theyre detailed and big ass maps compared to other games but its still a scary thought… imagine trying to get new people in with those kinds of loading screens…

sorry for the stupid dotdotdot everywhere but this post really makes you appreciate the fact that there is 2 loading screens instead of 1 jumbo 1 lol


Mini game loading screen! Tetris, snake, something like that!

On old dbz games, you used to to have the option to button mash or analogue stick twirl to try to get a maximum # of push ups or ki blasts. Good way to kill the time.