2 Issues that may wanna get looked at. 1-28-16


Still being pushed through the map by Behemoth attacks. So about fixing this issue with the final attacks pushing through the floor (it is all seeming to happen with steeper elevations) with the last patch, please remove this from the patch notes as this is misleading. You can’t add a makeshift layer under the map to cause the player/AI to re-spawn/teleport ABOVE the physical map until you can actually fix it properly? I KNOW it does not take any effort to do this.

Second issue is with Kala: you can completely bypass all Teleport recharge times by replacing pads. So you can cut the 15-20 second timer to re-teleport down to 5-6 by tossing a new pad.

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When you say being pushed through the map by behemoth attacks, do you mean melee attacks or his abilities? What they’d presumably fixed was all monster melees doing this.

Secondly the Kala teleport thing could very well be intended, but we’d probably have to get an official word on that which might be a few hours off, since it’s kinda late over in Cali’.

Tagging @Insane_521 and/or @ArPharazon to bring it to their attention.


The thing with the teleport pads is that if you replace them, whoever is on the other side can’t go through until that 5 seconds is up. But, if you keep the second teleporter open, the rest of the team can continue to go through the first teleporter if they need to.


It is the “Finishing attack” where the behemoth lands the final Melee hit which grabs the hunter, slams them to the ground, that animation on ramps. I will have to try to recreate with other monsters to see if their finisher melee is forcing it too. Had it happen 3 times in a single solo defend match. I can slap up pictures on Steam if needed.


If you can provide screenshots and a video that could really help the devs, actually!
(Like, you can post them here, rather than steam- but if you can’t I can always copy paste them in here if you need)


That is merely an awkward scenario.

The point is that you can remove all cooldown timers which are there for likely a reason. That reason is to keep people from just blinking back and forth, like oh say Hyde walks through, throws poison nade, leaves. Kinda hard for a monster to counter that eh? Especially so if kala just keeps moving around the monster and keeping a pad near so everyone can pop in-throw stuff- pop out instantly.

Tl;Dr: If they wanted it to be instant travel both ways there would not be a Re-entrance cooldown right?