#2 in leaderboard erased Please help


I know people are complaining but i was number 2 in the world as Goliath and now all my progress gone
i dont even knw if i can play anymore, i was on everyday racing with 3 guys for the top score and now im like 66748
will they be able to find my wins and give them back
i have pictures of all my progress


If you do have evidence then devs can actually help you get back your place, they have been doing it for a while


i sent them pictures i just cant post here yet. Will they add my wins to the old ones you think. i am so mad i dont even want to play


Well, I remember one devs asking for evidence to a player that lost his progress so when they fix up that bug they can have their rightful place


i have the proof its just i cant really keep up to the other guys now even if they give me my score back its a full time job staying in the top 4


No need to flame him. The only thing I’d question is if he’s one of the monsters that quits out when they are about to lose. But if someone likes Evolve or they work from home or have a lot of free time that’s their thing.


No I wish I could post my picture I didn’t quit 31 deaths 4.68 win loss not that 0 BS


When did this happen? Because supposedly a fix went live today. Although that might have been only for the loss of levels and not the loss of leaderboard rank.

Same thing hit me and a guy I play with a few days ago.


It just happened today, a few guys challenged me to a match and after that it was gone. Might have something to do with custom games?


What time today. Because the fix hit today. It should already be in at least.


Like an hour ago I made this post as soon as it happens


Jealousy isn’t pretty


Say what you want but I invested 40 hours getting to that spot just to have it stripped away and I just want help that doesn’t involve a automated message. I submitted my ticket but still if the devs even checked those leader boards they would recognize OV3RD053 15 right under GAME I HER since day 1


Today on every platform? Do you know this for sure?
Thank you!