2 Gamemode Ideas


Okay so after a long few minutes of thinking(wasn’t that short) I have finally came up with 2 game modes that could work in Evolve.
Names are subject to change

  1. Evolution: This game mode is hunt but with a random bonus from the evac missions. In one round you could fight on Fusion Plant and get clear skies, and then on the next round the monster has regeneration health plants. It’s entirely random and there is no autobalence or winning streak that force players to leave. Just a fun, varied game mode.
  2. Natural Selection: It’s a full on fight! A stage 2 monster at full armor versus a group if 4 hunters at no strikes. The colonists have trapped the monster in a stationary arena that is bigger than the mobile arena and stays up for the entire fight. The fights happen at select locations of the maps and are meant as a quick match for busy people.
    What are your thoughts? I will make sure to post more ideas after minutes upon thinking about them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I kind of like the idea behind Natural Selection as I usually go for Stage 2 wins but I know certain players who can’t manage a Stage 2 win and certain groups of Hunter players who would basically always win.


stage 2 at full armor

. behemoth! beastmode lol.


There would also have to be no dropship.


I suggested a tag team (hunters and monsters), 4 rounds/days
16 hunter players and 4 monster players (20 players!!! :open_mouth:)
Day 1, first hunter team, against first monster player. if hunters kills the monster, enter 2nd monster player. if a hunter dies the next player of that class enters.

Why 4 rounds/days, because the second day/round start the second team, and second monster player, and so on. so every player has the chance to play, in case a player is too good to be killed.

I know is to difficult to put in the game, but maybe to Evolve2 or Evol2e or E2olve (working title)


I like these. I also like that you have an explanation of why there’s an arena with a monster in it.

I would probably call Evolution something different, since I feel the name doesn’t fit well with what the mode is (while I also unfortunately have no suggestions). The important thing here, of course, is the core ideas, and they’re both good.


Expanding the scenario:
Enter to the map: Val, Sunny, Maggie and Hyde, with Goliath
Goliath kills Val, 2 minutes to drop ship with Lazarus.
Goliath kills Maggie (Daisy in auto also dies), in the same ship comes Abe.
Enter Lazarus and Abe and Kills Goliath, team regroup and Enter Kraken.
Kraken kills Hyde, 2 minutes to drop ship with Parnell
Team kills Kraken, Enter Behemoth, enter Parnell
Behemoth kills Sunny (finally), 2 minutes to drop ship with Bucket
Behemoth kills Lazarus and Abe, 1 minute to drops ship with Griffin and Caira
Behemoth kills Parnell, Drop ship coming with Markov. Full team drops
hunters kill Behemoth, enter Wrath
Wrath kills Griffin, 2 minutes to drop ship with Crow
Wrath kills Bucket, 1 minute to drop ship with Cabot
hunters kill Wrath.

some hunter players did not have the chance to play, next round the teams rotate.
in the fight monsters evolved and hunters get down with penalties.
If some players quit the game, the next player of the same class has the chance to take his/her place.
the minimum players allowed are 2 as the evacuation gameplay mode. monster can be a bot.

What you think??



If the medic just die in time to the drop ship to deploy and comes Lazarus, he could revive the body of the previous medic and/or any other hunter that just died.


I’d love natural selection. Some random meats short round timer and players spawn opposite sides of the arena.