2 Fundamental flaws of Hunt 2.0

  1. 3 of 4 hunters picked up their role, but last didnt do that = lobby reset. WHY? Why it’s working like that?? What is the point, last one to choose dont have any choice, there is only one role left for him.

  2. Since time to get into the game increased there should a sound be a sound notification when game is ready(when you should pick last available role, or lobby will reset) player press alt+tab. Or it could be an auto-maximize.

It’s not technically a flaw, but I wish we got this system from the beginning. It’s not designed for low population.


Way I figure, I’d think they’re going to tweak the system. But yeah, might be a hard one to work around with a low playerbase.

Point 1 is on purpose and takes care of two problems:

A) Keeps an AFK player out. If they’re not there to make a selection, you don’t want them in your game. The person who didn’t make a selection won’t be put back in the queue, but you will.

B) If we just gave them the fourth spot, we’d have an old problem back : some players want specific roles and will leave if they don’t get what they wanted. We want the people who will abandon games to do it before we’ve made four others sit through a load screen.

Basically, this step of the process is to give hunters a chance to get everyone a role they’re happy with before you’re locked in to the match, and to be able to back out before it’s considered a loss/abandonment.


but now you wait 30 min for a game, go to toilete and then the whole lobby get a reset?
If you wait just some seconds for a game i would say okay but not if you wait 30! minutes

right now i would play anything… even against bots.

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Solo is the way to go then!

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yea pls make at least a SOUND when a lobby is full… i’m looking in leaderboards and boom i’m out of the lobby wtf

the sound idea would be awesome to include if possible

Is that intended? There is obvious gap between skill level. Behemoth wiped our ass hardly on stage 2, my teamates were without rank, how system could create such a match.(Silver Elite). And I dunno about teammates but I’ve lost a lot of points in rank. The point is not about loss, but about unavoidable loss in that situation.
Coz I cant understand how to get into the highest rank if you get matches like this.

And another question - wouldnt it be better if game could calculate personal effectivness instead of “loss is bad” “win is good”. Since one man cant win the match solo. How Im supossed to rank if I get players who “as assault dont use shield” or “dont heal as medic”

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totally agree. it is so annoying… everybody is also leaving if they don’t get their favourite class… i now have to wait 20minutes or something like that to play.

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Oh god, only only that, but game crashes destroy your rank??? WTF

And is it impossible to rejoin?

Currently I can’t say I’m enjoying Hunt 2.0, solely because of the new matchmaking.

Look at it this way: When a game enters Early Access and people post negative reviews, others start defending the game by saying “But it’s EA! You can’t downvote a game because of bad optimization or balance because the game’s not finished yet!”.
That’s a laughable excuse. If developers put a game in EA it’s because they want feedback. So there it is; honest reviews of the game you are currently selling.

The reason I’m using EA as an example is because it’s how I feel about the new matchmaking and opinion and reviews should be based on its current state, not how it will be when it’s improved.
I can’t say if the new Hunt is balanced, I can’t say which characters are now better because I simply can’t get into a match. Judging my opinion on my experience means I absolutely dislike the patch so far.

So please, can we maybe get some confirmation that the new matchmaking is bugged or something? Looking for players as a Hunter takes 15 minutes. I thought there weren’t enough Monsters, but looking for players as the Monster takes almost as long as well.
That can’t possibly be normal.

@paulymath I think you guys did a really good job on making sure people aren’t stuck with AFK players, but what about people immediately leaving if they don’t get their preferred role?
Let’s face it, too many people want to play Jack at the moment.
There’s currently nothing stopping the guy who “PREFERS ASSAULT” from quickly snatching the Trapper spot because he “happened to click faster”.
A first come first serve basis doesn’t seem appropiate.

And as far as playing with bots goes, as annoying as having a bot in your team may be, it’s still better than instantly kicking everyone out of the lobby as soon as 1 guy leaves at the character select screen.


Man, the waiting time as Monster is like 30Minutes and if I find opponents I get 1 Point because they don’t have a rank

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I don’t think any game would incorporate features taking into account a low player base. They can be made more flexible, sure, but a matchmaking system is based in an abstract “full” playerbase, the fact that it’s ten thousand or a thousand players is a matter from outside number crunching.

Yeah I got as fresh silver expert queued with silver skilled, two bronze skilled against silver elite monster. Hardly fair. It wouldnt be bad if assault didnt kill himself like noob before even engagin monster :confused:

When I want to play as monster and I’m very poor monster (except wraith cause it’s far easier for me to win playing her) I’m getting queued with not very good hunters but not noobs either. Why I can’t get that team when I’m queueing as hunter?

Do we lose less points if someone on our team leaves?(and then lose) O.O
also, do we gain less if Monster leaves game?(and then win-already) >.<

do you guys not get how ranked stuff works? you will play within a range. winning vs higher rank advances you a lot, winning against lower rank advances you little or not at all in some cases. you’ve only been playing under this system for 1 day, it does not have a great grasp of your skill yet. So don’t complain about getting matched with a little bit higher ranked monster, it is an opportunity to gain rank.

It seems you are complaining because now you have the information about how much better the ranking system thinks that player is than the average of your team. previously, you would just get some level 40 monster who might be God tier above your team in terms of skill but since the system doesn’t tell you this it’s just another game to you.

The ranks are not that wide, if your team plays well and has a litle luck they have a very decent chance of beating a slightly higher rank like that.

you’re absolutely right. i have the same issues with this hunt 2.0… so now i just play solo with bots… online takes me also 20-30 minutes to finally play a game… it is so annoying when a hunter 30 times left because he can’t play for one round his class… i hate (so far) that they didn’t stick with hunt 1.0 and just fix the annoying thing that if you search for a game that it puts you in an excisting gaming round…

It makes a ping on Xbox when ready, is it not like that on whatever you play on?

it only makes a sound in the last 4 sec or somethng…

When I was playing last night, when it found a Monster for us it made a beep noise before it loaded up the character selection. At least I could swear it did