2 Big Alpha Codes (giveaway)


I have 2 spare Big Alpha Codes and will give them away in this thread!
1 code is for Xbox1 & the other is the one I got from Amazon.de for my Pre-order (Yes they finally sent them out :wink: )
You have to redeem the 2nd one on: EvolveGame.com/BigAlpha & can choose your platform.

If you post, please remember to tell me what code you want :wink:

Now what I want you to do, in order to win one of the codes, is to post a funny picture! Bonus points if it´s Evolve related but it does not have to be… You can post an animated pic or a regular one - just make sure you don´t violate the forum´s rules :grin:

The forum members not in need of a code : feel free to “like” the pic you consider to be the best as to help me with my decision… I will check back here tomorrow and PM the winners!
Good luck to you all!


I don’t need one right now, still hoping my singles get me in. That being said, I’m at work and can’t edit pictures, so here is one I found. (Note. I wanted to do a Goliath/Kraken with Googly Eyes)


Got your back


Hey, a code would be fantastic!!! I play Xbox One, so an Xbox One code would be so great. Thanks for the consideration!
I’m a new user to the site, so it does not allow me to upload pictures, but I can put the link to the picture I intended to post.
Here: http://www.pmslweb.com/the-blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/27-whales-how-are-we-going-to-evolve-cartoon-funny.jpg
(Also notice at the bottom right of the picture there is a fish walking out of the ocean :smile:)


Let me know if you still need one!

There you go, enjoy!
Liked your pic ^^