2.30am here (uk) on ps4 and still no map's......?

I thought these maps were comming on the 30th? it’s now the 1st and i still ainte had the micro patch,when i go to custom game the new maps are not showing and i’ve played a few online games and still don’t get the maps, any info when they are comming to ps4 in Europe?

It was supposed to go live at 8pm EST (2 hours ago almost) it seems to have been held up.

Ok thanks.it’s nice that they keep everyone updated as per usual…!

It seems like it was pushed to 8pm PST or the original post had the wrong time zone so within 40minutes it should be live. Just give it some time and we shall soon be able to enjoy the maps.

Can confirm it’s now live for me on PS4.

Patch is live, voodoo wraith isnt?

I don’t know about Voodoo Wraith, I don’t have it either.

Well goliath skin was rewarded 3 days earlier so cant complain if wraith is a bit late.