2.08 Hunt Beta | Can't join games back


I was playing a Hunt Beta with friends, got disconnected and couldn’t jump back in the game with Steam Friend list.

Is this feature lacking on purpose or is it a result of the latest patch ?


Did you get an invite from your friend? Sometimes I can join if they send me an invite


If you got disconnected, did the game bring you back to the Main Menu?

Oddly enough, for me I didn’t have the possibility to invite a friend from the Main Menu, but I was able from within the Mode selection screen after I clicked “play”.


It could have been that one time yesterday where Steam went offline.


Friends couldn’t invite me back neither and problem occured today, 50mins ago.

@DarKastlez yeah but concerning your issue it was normal since you’re not in a lobby while being in the main menu


Well, see if the issue still persists when you go back in game. It might have been a one-time thing from Steam side being weird.