2.07 is the worst patch since F2P


god damn it this patch is frustrating, the game is almost unplayable for me, it take more than 10 minute for me to get in ONE rank game, and half of those games are filled with all kinds bugs. this must be the worst time I had during all 600 hours game play.

1 - Deepest dark is a boring experience for any players that spend 20 or more hours in the hunt would not play the second time.

2 - bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs.the wild life speed, the hunter switch speed, the character selection, the MM.

3 - and bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs AFTER THEY HOT FIXED IT.

4 - the MM is fucked up, it shouldnt take it 5-10 minutes to assign 5 players when they are 5000 players playing.

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Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)